My company is throwing a themed annual dinner, and the theme is Retro. However, the organizers conveniently mention that it’s going to be a 70’s retro theme.

It makes me wonder. Why does when a retro theme is suggested, it’s always about the 70’s? Just say retro and people of all ages will suggest afro hair, bell bottoms, hairy chests and huge sunglasses. It’s now the Noughties (00’s) and even 90’s are retro.

But I guess those from the 90’s still consider themselves to young to become retro. Motorola phones are still in, right?

Let’s see how does the yesteryears look like:

  • 50’s

    I personally like this year, actually. There’s every inch of macho and grace to every step and hairdo. I mean, it seems that everybody in this era knows fashion. And I mean know fashion. There’s no chance Lady Gaga would survive in this year.

  • 60’s

    Source : Fanpop

    Then came the Beatles with their clean looks and sounds and everybody toned down. I mean, really-really toned down. I guess not everybody can handle grace and machoness. Or maybe haircuts are getting expensive so people back then just get a bowl and trim the edges.

  • 70’s

    But nobody can be a goody two shoes for very long. Eventually they want to have fun, and not to mention the invasion of the Hippies and their powerful ‘substances’. Even The Beatles got psychedelic and wrote I Am The Walrus in the end of the 60’s era. Just watch the video clip and you’ll understand what I meant. But the Rock is dying in this era. It’s the birth of Disco, and mix that with afro hair, bell bottoms, hairy chests (and armpits too, even for the ladies!) and huge sunglasses.

    Roller skate platform shoes, see? Fun!

  • 80’s

    The 80’s took it too far. Seriously.


One response to “Retro”

  1. aku rasa ko pakai yang 80's punya mmg menarik perhatian & boleh menang baju terbaik… wahahahah