Geek & Nerdy

I’ve just watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory (specifically, episode 14, season 1), and a scene really made me sad.

Leonard (a geek who has feelings for his neighbour Penny), had just made Penny (a beautiful, sexy blonde) mad for missing her shift, when he and his friends was moving a replica of the Time Machine props on the stairs. That caused him to sell off all his comics and collectibles, which I presume he has amassed for years and loved more than anything (other than perhaps Penny). Penny managed to stop him, and said that Leonard’s a nice guy and all, and gives him a hug. Then came a hunky guy and tickled Penny into changing her clothes for a date. Leonard turns back to his comics and collectibles and the Time Machine there and then.

I’m a nerd and a geek, although no where near the level these guys are. In fact, there are times when I wonder where do I stand. I am neither a geek nor a cool dude. Maybe I’m somewhere in the middle, but I’m also sure that somewhere is nowhere near the ‘cool dude’ level.

Things like this happens to people, like me, who do not have the physique that girls swoons nor character that’s fun to be with, especially in long period of time. We had to be extra nice to girls, to a point that we sometimes outdo it and got conned.

It gets lonely. But those collectibles, comics, games, computers, gadgetries, are all that we have, aside from each other. While nowadays having the latest gadget and games does have a bigger attraction value (mostly due to the expansion of the gadgetry and gaming scene), it still does shoo away girls.

I know, the reason that girls shy away from guys like us (or vice versa) is that it’s hard to find a common ground, and we’re not usually fun to be with. Some of us do try to be ‘fun’, at the expense of being ourselves.

I have no other reason to write this than to express my sadness at that scene. It hurt me, seriously, each time that happens, whether in movies or real life. Especially in real life. it even hurts me to see or hear it happening to a friend, and it does happen.

And my heart bleeds when it does.


2 responses to “Geek & Nerdy”

  1. than, "penny" is not suitable for you. believe me, there's always someone out there for everybody. you just don't know it. yet.
    cinta itu buta by the way ;p

  2. memang la betul, tapi brapa kali orang buta tu nak kena langgar kereta baru tau nak seberang jalan,kan?

    peh…perumpamaan aku…