The Greatest “Jongang” in the World.

In my humble opinion, of course.

One day my son came back from preschool crying.

“People made fun of my teeth. They called me Jongang!” he was buck-toothed. ‘Jongang‘ is the Malay term for it.

So I sat beside him. I played “We are the Champions” by Queen as a background. Even kids my son’s age could recognize that song. It’s the song of the Champions.

And I showed him this photo:


“Do you know him?” I asked.


“You’d think kids at his school would make fun of his teeth,right?” my son nodded.

“Well that’s him singing a song about Champions.”

“That’s Freddie Mercury?!!” I nodded. I’ve taught him well.

His eyes lit up with the association.

“It does not matter who you are, or what you are. But if you want it to matter, then when you do something, do it great. And Freddie’s a great performer. Nobody said anything about his teeth ever since.”




p.s : No, I didn’t tell him the details, though about his death and sexual preferences.

p.p.s : the scenario above is from my imagination, but if it happens, that’s how it could happen.

p.p.p.s : If you don’t know who Freddie or Queen are, listen to this: