Why I'm peeved at Apple over iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is a continuity of Apple’s penchant for quality. Not one part of the phone is of a low quality design and parts. But it’s lacking in innovation is short handing us consumers, even if we don’t buy Apple products.

Historically, it was Apple that pushed for the on-screen keyboard and doing away with the physical keyboard. They are also the one who pushed the mainstream use of capacitive touch screens, even if its more expensive. This was in 2006.

The trend actually continues in the next revisions of iPhone. Apple’s innovations at the time actually  helped define how things should be done. Copy and paste, browsing, zooming, scrolling, 3rd party apps, iTunes,  the whole app ecosystem, retina display, Siri.

All these were not new at the time they were launched, but Apple perfected it. So much so that others starts to copy them. Steve Woz, Apple’s co-founder would love this. But not Steve Jobs. But they continued to innovate.

When iPhone 5 were launched, i was hoping this trend would continue even after the death of Jobs. But I was frustrated. There were only some minor advancements in iPhone 5 that matters to the industry. The rest, only matters to other iPhone users.

And when Apple decided that they are going to drop some functions, namely NFC, they slows down the advancements of that technology. That’s how powerful Apple’s product is, make no mistake about it.

It’s not that other manufacturers do not contribute to the world of tech as much as Apple, but none, as a single entity, have the same influence as Apple. Not even Samsung. Only when they work together on a uniform standard would they have they same effect as Apple alone.

So please excuse me while I show off my disappointments at Apple, specifically iPhone 5. Tim Cook, please do not stop innovating outside the Apple ecosystem.