T100, Agent Smith, Hal 9000 walks into a bar…

Of recent I’m seeing an increase of news of technological advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I).
I’m actually living in a world where computers around me constantly making informed decisions of how to improve my current conditions. Air conditioners adjusting to the temperature; brakes and torque channelled to individual tyres depending on how I drive and the road situation; Lifts calculating the forces to carry me in it in a way that I don’t really feel its momentum but still arrive quickly to places up high.
But a couple of days past I’m reading a couple of articles about another advance in A.I and robotics: learning. One article shows computers learning how to walk independently (somehow the way we walk is already the most efficient way), and another taught the computer to watch movies (2001: The Space Odyssey, Inception, and The Matrix, no less!).
Another movie hides the moment of singularity (a point in time where computers can out think us and starts to become self-aware) in a romantic movie.
It’s all awesome when they’re not self aware and starts to fight off Humans for their inadequacy and bad coding skills, and it does feel so far away, but I have lived through the rise of the Internet and mobile computing, and really think this is not that far away, and really can happen.
Don’t you think so, Hal?