What to do if you forgot your infant's Birth Certificate prior to a flight

I’m planning to bring my whole family back from Kedah via flight, so the kids can experience flight for the first time. Tickets have been bought. Transportations have been arranged and bags have been prepared.

But then I found out my youngest daughter’s birth certificate was at my home in Selangor. I was supposed to fly using Airasia, and their website cites that for infants, identification may need to be presented. It also happens that she does not have a MyKid, because its production was put on hold for several month earlier.

Panic ensues and off I go to Whatsapp, Facebook and Google for help since Airasia only offer live chat and i was put on queue and will have to wait for 90 minutes before being entertained.

Thanks to helpful friends and articles, i found out some ways to mitigate this impending disaster.

1. If someone have access to the document at home, get them to scan the document and email it to you. Airasia and many other airlines allow a copy of birth cert to be used. If there’s no scanner, you can use apps that ‘scans’ a document using the phone/tablet’s camera. I used CamScanner (Android) for my scanning needs.

2. If you have access to an open Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) office, you can reprint the birth cert by filling up a form and paying RM 5. Depending on how many people are in the office, the whole ordeal can be done within 10-15 minutes. I used that chance to make a MyKid for her as well, to avoid this from happening again.

3. This was my last resort, and was the only option for several people since they only found out at the airport. You can go to the Police Station and lodge a report that you left your child’s birth cert. Once done, you can use that report as an ID for your child.
Those are the options that I have gathered in my research. Of course, it goes without saying that you yourself should not panic and keep your cool. Especially when you realised that your questions about this in the various social media outlets is met by those who might not reply with the answers you desperately need.