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  • Why I quit being in Sales

    I started my job in Sales. It started off as a practical placement, then continued as my first job. But i switched back to Multimedia in 3 months. Why? Because usually the sales person gets the brunt and flak from all sides, even if it’s not their fault and their just doing their job. Case […]

  • My First 24 of 26

    Extended, 27th March: 1703 – Kay wished at office 1814 – Idah wished on Facebook — 1204 – Emmanuel Wished on Facebook 1208 – Ana Wished at Pelita ss15 1209 – Intan Wished at Pelita ss15 12.16 – Kerol Wished at Pelita ss15 0556 – Yang Sang (or is it Sam) Fook wished on Facebook […]

  • The Good Ol' Days

    Was cleaning out some stuff in my room, and I stumbled upon this: Ah..the good ol’ days.. where are you all now? p/s: Guess what’s in the bucket.. err.. pail? Hey, if a prominent politician can do this… so can I, right? Leading by example..

  • Down

    Down Down Down DownLower Than The GroundWanting To ReboundWanting To Turn It AroundWhile Am Safe And SoundBut Am Tied And BoundSo I Will Still Be DownUntil My Heart Is Found

  • Hint ! Hint!

    I need a new pair of jeans;I need a new pair of shoes;My watch is now broken;My purse is torn; and it’s already March! dum badadum!

  • 300 Mukhsin At Sungai Gabai

    I’ve had an interesting weekend, and a tiring one! Watched 2 movies (300 and Mukhsin – reviews to come) on Saturday, and witnessed how a good movie can make you cry, even if it’s about 300 tough men slaying other men. On Sunday, went to Sungai Gabai, had fun, but due to the lack of […]

  • Me? Midwife?

    Sis : ***** tengah mengandung tau? (***** is carrying a baby, you know?)Me : Emm, sejak kenduri kat ***** aritu, kan? (Hmm, since the ceremony at *****, right?)Sis : eh, mana tau? (Eh, how did you know?) Somehow, I’m a bit observant when it comes to female physical appearances. A little chemical imbalance in the […]

  • How's My Voice?

    Dear readers. I need your help. For those of you, who had the pleasure (depending on how you see it) of having a real-life conversation with me, can you tell me how do I speak? I intend to improve my way of speaking in 2007, if possible. I had realized that I had a rather […]

  • 2006ed (Past Tense)

    First and foremost I’d like to apologise for my Hiatus. my life have been pretty cramped, and the unstable Internet connection and the fact that I’m denied of Internet usage in office isn’t helping. Not that I’m blaming anyone, but it seems that everytime I have time to blog, the connection died on me. Everybody’s […]

  • Not Weird, Just Unique…

    I’ve been tagged by Nina to disclose 7 weird habits I have. I don’t know much about answering it. I do feel I’m weird, but upon answering this, I got the feeling that I’m just as normal as everybody else. And since everybody who’s normal are also unique, as unique as the abnormal ones, it […]