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  • I Upgraded My Phone From A Flagship Note 3 to A Mid Range A5

    I’ve been using my Samsung Note 3 for close to 2 years now. And I have been using Samsung phones since the Samsung Jet. Other than Apple products, it’s hard to get phones with screens and cameras as good as Samsung’s. So logically, when I’m in the market for a new phone early this year, […]

  • John Sculley and Steve Jobs

    John Sculley fired the late Steve Jobs back in the day. Jobs then 30 years old, bought NeXT and opened Pixar. While Sculley blames the board and regrets not calling Jobs back to the company, I believe this was one of the best things to happen to Jobs. I believe during the initial days of […]

  • Thoughts on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

    I’ve been scouring the net this morning for all new things Apple, since my daughter decided I need to be beside her until she sleeps last night. Overall, Apple did many things right, as always, but there are some things Apple seems to slip behind expectations. Basically, there’s almost nothing that was launched yesterday, we […]

  • Good News To All Mac Owner

    To all Macbook Air Owner, you can now upgrade to Mac OS Griffin, which as per it’s name allows unprecedented capabilities to your laptop. A griffin, as any fantasy and folk lore would know is a hybrid of a lion, and an eagle (or more). As such, this OS is a hybrid of the normal […]

  • Moore's Law

    Same holds true with PCs. The page for driver support for my laptop is no longer available, and it’s not even her birthday (or purchase-day)!

  • Maybank2u Facelift

    Several weeks ago, Maybank’s web front, Maybank2u, has started to implement a facelift. This is a welcome change, since the old design was already bloated with unnecessary Flashes, GIFs, and advertisements. But then at that time, only the front page, and the public pages (those not requiring any login) have been changed. Those pages within […]

  • Pata-Pon

    My daily music dosage today, consists solely on Happy Feet’s Soundtrack (yes, it’s almost 2 years already but good music have no expiry dates) and Patapon! I know this is just a temporary novelty, but before it wears off, I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

  • Driving: Between Virtual and Reality

    According to a Malaysian Medical Resources article, quoting a report from BBC, computer driving games breeds bad drivers, especially amongst teens. Although the claim does hold some truth, but I beg to differ. Actually, the generalization made in this report made it less accurate. While it’s true, that certain driving games encourage teen angst, thus […]

  • Microsoft Being Sarcastic

    This article can also be read in IT-lah‘s blog. It’s funny when I read this, Microsoft is actually launching it’s current flagship product, the Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 in the pirate’s den: Lowyat Plaza. Everybody in our local IT scene knows that when you want pirated software, there’s always Lowyat. Yes, you can get […]

  • My Navigation Menu

    Somebody asked me how I did the navigation buttons on the right. Here’s a tutorial on how to exactly that.