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  • When The PC Hangs Tonight

    Henceforth this post will be in Malay for the sake of its content. Dulu: Marahkan Nyamuk Kelambu Dibakar Sekarang: Marahkan PC hang, Monitor yang kena sepuk.

  • Microsoft Firefox

    Cut through the clutter. Unexpected is good. An exceptional streamlined browsing technology known as the Cut Away Effect™, randomly prevents 9/10 of the browser from rendering properly in order to save system resources. This is not a bug. Do more by doing less. Open multiple copies of Microsoft websites in one window with tabbed browsing. […]

  • The Largest Media Entity In Malaysia

    If this news is true, then Media Prima Bhd is well on it’s way to become the largest Media Entity in Malaysia. Media Prima, currently holding 26 companies (including the recent Big Tree acquisition), at at least 40%. After Air Asia and Nineteen Oh-One (1901), this is another growing Malaysian company that I’m admiring. They […]

  • Imagine If This Was a Malware

    Luckily this was a warning from a legitimate software (I got it as a package with my video camera). If it was a malware, I would have marvelled at those who fall for this. But then, there’s always phishing, right?

  • Windows to Malaysia

    Note: This can also be read on IT-Lah! blog At last, Microsoft managed to learn that Malaysians are not using comma ( , ) as a decimal symbol, we don’t group our digits using periods ( . ), and our currency symbol is RM, not R. Our currency also do not use a single decimal […]

  • Our Efficient Government's Websites

    When I was reading my usual dosage of blogs, I came upon a post by Chris, about a post by Patrick. This can also be read in IT-Lah’s blog Although this is already a general knowledge, but being the biggest organization in a country, can’t the Government give us a better product than this? This […]

  • Pirates of the Digital Rights

    This article can also be read in IT-Lah blog. For those who’s a frequent P2P leecher, or downloader, you might have come to realize the increasing number of mislabeled files. This is not limited to video files, but all matter of downloadable files, such as programs, music files, PDFs, and others. This, I believe, is […]

  • Symantec Got Served?!

    Don’t tell me the hackers got the better of Symantec again. Although this may not be sent from Symantec‘s email server, but it’s hard for normal Internet users to know, right? Or is this a valid email. Don’t seem like it. I’ve never send a virus sample to them before. p/s: the name Keria makes […]

  • Wacky Weird World

    Look at the picture below. Enlarge it as you please. Do you notice anything weird? Read on. I’ve been playing around with Google Earth, and had a very good time. It’s a kind of voyeur, although not in real time. I had the chance to find out where some of my friends live, provided if […]

  • Want My Autograph?

    I was so moody this moring, that someone thought I was having a PMS. But nearing lunchtime, after I managed to do the impossible (read: finishing my work), and after web surfing for a while, I stumbled upon MyHeritage. Nothing fancy, this site, but one link intrigues me. It’s offering to analyze your face and […]