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  • Retro

    My company is throwing a themed annual dinner, and the theme is Retro. However, the organizers conveniently mention that it’s going to be a 70’s retro theme. It makes me wonder. Why does when a retro theme is suggested, it’s always about the 70’s? Just say retro and people of all ages will suggest afro […]

  • Good News To All Mac Owner

    To all Macbook Air Owner, you can now upgrade to Mac OS Griffin, which as per it’s name allows unprecedented capabilities to your laptop. A griffin, as any fantasy and folk lore would know is a hybrid of a lion, and an eagle (or more). As such, this OS is a hybrid of the normal […]

  • Why I Didn't Watch Remp-it and Bohsia

    Translated from here. I have a confession. Durign my secondary school days I have read pornography novels or literatures. I didn’t bought those, and I don’t remember whose it was, but I definitely have read them. In fact, I was caned once when somebody intruded my locker and took a friend’s porn comic that I […]

  • Spoilt Choices

    Okay, I have to admit, i’m spoilt for choice!!!

  • New Trailer of Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen

    Watch this while it lasts

  • My 2009 Movie List

    List of Movies I aim for in 2009 9(Trailer) Directed by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov. Need I say more? The Curios Case of Benjamin Button (Trailer) The premise is interesting enough to make me curious. Luckily I’m not a cat. This movie is already out in the States, but then I may have to […]

  • RM 20 For A Movie Ticket?

    The news today mentions about the suggestion made by Malaysia Film Producers Association (MFPA) to increase the ticket price of foreign blockbuster movies to RM20, while local movies enjoy the same rate as it is right now. As an avid movie-goer, this worries me. First, the positive side. Our own local movies have always fought […]

  • 2008: A Musical Year

    First there was Camp Rock. Then we got Mamma Mia! Shortly after was High School Musical 3. And on the theatre side, we got the likes of Sinbad, Mamma Mia, and even Impak Maksima. But when PLKN’s advert’s doing a musical, that does it. Now where’s that darn remote…

  • Keanu Khan

    During my Matriculation years, I have a plan to dub The Matrix in Malay, specifically in Kedahan / Penang accent. But, till this day, I haven’t find the time and the will power to do it. But now, I have the perfect chance to see Keanu speaking in a foreign language. I wonder if they […]

  • Spot The Diffference…

    … or rather the similarities The D.E.Y. – GIVE YOU THE WORLD (Sony BMG) Khayalan – Black Dog Bone (EMI (?)) and this is what The Dey have to say about the song. Earth Wind and Fire? You mean this 1977 version? So..which is teh original version? Or is this just a coincidence?