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  • Infographics

    * If you’re reading this in the toilet, be careful.* Berhati-hati jika membaca post ini dalam jamban.

  • What Forrest's Mama actually said to him

    Life’s like a box of chocolate. It looks like shit, feels like shit, but only if you dare to enjoy it that you can taste its sweetness.

  • Retro

    My company is throwing a themed annual dinner, and the theme is Retro. However, the organizers conveniently mention that it’s going to be a 70’s retro theme. It makes me wonder. Why does when a retro theme is suggested, it’s always about the 70’s? Just say retro and people of all ages will suggest afro […]

  • Why I quit being in Sales

    I started my job in Sales. It started off as a practical placement, then continued as my first job. But i switched back to Multimedia in 3 months. Why? Because usually the sales person gets the brunt and flak from all sides, even if it’s not their fault and their just doing their job. Case […]

  • Mask

  • How to Handle Your Nagging Mother In Law

    When I heard this over the radio this morning, I thought ‘Cool!’. No, seriously. While many of those who’s married have said that they just want to kill their nagging mother in law, this guy took it to the next level and beyond. Not only he tried to kill his MIL, he fired a anti-tank […]

  • Flasher Cum Stripper

    My line of work involves me doing certain tasks for the creation of a website. And of current, I’m involved in these activities, Flash-ing and content stripping. Flash-ing means that I need to create Flash contents using Adobe Flash. I’m sure most of us knows this. Many website have this now, whether visible or not. […]

  • Big Spender

    I don’t know since when, and why, does Malaysians generally call underwear (both briefs and at times panties) “spenders”. It may derive from the word ‘Spandex’, or suspenders, but the truths still eludes me. While I know some people do laugh when they saw the film “Big Spender”, I myself did laugh at Dato’ Siti […]

  • The World's Greatest Business Mind Announced

    I’m excited!!!

  • To All Man U Fans

    To all Manchester United fans, Don’t be mad at them for their lacklustre performance. It’s Ramadan, all Devils are chained. They’ll spring back to form after Raya.