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  • Politically Funny

    Here’s 2 news I’ve read and heard on the news, that made me all cracked up, since it showed the true nature of the person involved, if you can read between the lines. 1. Ch’ng focusing on campaign – BN man he needs time to visit all voters. (The Star, Thursday 6th March 2008). This […]

  • I need your boo(b)

    Have you ever heard the song With You by Chris Brown? When I first heard it, I goes like this: I need your boob…I gotta see your boob… I’m blaming my cheap earphones (:p)

  • There's more to NZ than just sheep…

    Anybody knows if I can get a job in NZ? I mean New Zealand, not NZ Curry House… :p

  • Now Everyone Can Skodeng!

    Attention all voyeurs and kaki skodeng. Good News! From now on, keep this newspaper cutting in your pocket when you’re out ‘hunting’, so if they caught you red handed, just say Puteri Kedah ask you to do that!

  • Increase your happiness in a Komuter

    Breath with your mouth, especially when there’s someone in close proximity with you. It helps you getting a personal space, or a seat when the person near you just had to close his/her eyes and concentrate on the sunset-at-the-beach imagination s/he’s forced to have, just by you breathing! That’s like killing a poultry farm with […]

  • Snapshot

    I was just reading today’s The Star, when I got to the Thousand Words Section. There’s a full blown image of a “Man of Steel”, shot somewhere in Bandar Sunway. There’s even another woman trying to take a snapshot of it in the photo.But something is amiss here? Can you guess what it is? Seriously, […]

  • I Need To Watch More TV

    BluQube : Lynn, nak tanya…Craptaculars : yes?BluQube : hehe….takpe…BluQube : dah dapat dahCraptaculars : heheh sorryCraptaculars : lamat replyCraptaculars : tgk ANTM 😀BluQube : ANTM?BluQube : Antara Nepal To Malaysia?BluQube : :pCraptaculars : yes hahahaCraptaculars : america’s next top model laaBluQube : oooo….hehehehe….

  • Overheard

    Girl to friend: My dad says girls with big boobies driving their cars over bumps will make a *PLIP PLAP* sound. – Subang Jaya This was my favourite joke to date from The Big O. Click on the link, and be prepared to laugh out loud…

  • I'm a visionary!

    A year and a half ago, I wrote this… 4 months ago, I wrote this… And now, we have this: I wonder if these guys got the idea from Bluqube?

  • Horror – Scope

    Here’s a Horror-Scope, for most of you… So, is it accurate? Dilbert © 2005, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.