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  • Lizzam's tweet on (Mar/13/2017)

    Move aside, Mr. Robot. via @mashable

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Makoto in Camo! via @YouTube

  • Trump vs Brexit

    I literally LOL’ed at this. luckily our own election is not in 2016 too. via @mashable

  • Hari Ibu dan Jururawat

    Sempena hari ibu ramai yang post pasal asal-usul hari ibu dan ramai yang cakap haram. Tapi kalau mengambil konsep itu, pekerjaan jururawat asalnya dilakukan oleh nun atau rahib semasa perang dunia pertama. Ini kemudiannya di jadikan satu profession bila Hospital mula dibuka secara sendirinya dan bukan di gereja. h Hasil sejarah ini masih dapat di […]

  • Dear (pseudo) Rich People

    Those who have talked to me regarding people who does networking (for money) such as joining or running a pyramid scheme or Multi Level Marketing (MLM), would think I hate them with a passion. I have to correct that statement and explain my stand in this matter. I don’t hate them. But hate most of […]

  • Hazy Days

    The news are reporting about the air quality in Port Klang, and that it is the first of to record unhealthy air pollution index. Now, maybe I can ask for an MC and leave town for a while? hmm.. tempting. Along the Kesas Highway At Bukit Tinggi (Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi is barely visible despite […]

  • Why I Didn't Watch Remp-it and Bohsia

    Translated from here. I have a confession. Durign my secondary school days I have read pornography novels or literatures. I didn’t bought those, and I don’t remember whose it was, but I definitely have read them. In fact, I was caned once when somebody intruded my locker and took a friend’s porn comic that I […]

  • Flasher Cum Stripper

    My line of work involves me doing certain tasks for the creation of a website. And of current, I’m involved in these activities, Flash-ing and content stripping. Flash-ing means that I need to create Flash contents using Adobe Flash. I’m sure most of us knows this. Many website have this now, whether visible or not. […]

  • The Human (vs) Nature

    The Nature is based on check and balance. The vast amout of insects are kept in check by their short lifespan and small size, and predators such as anteaters and birds. The relationship between herbivores and carnivores seems harsh, but it ensures that a herd have only the strong and healthy, as the slower ones […]

  • The Promotion

    I don’t know if this is what Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happiness, The Weather Man) had in mind when he wrote and directed The Promotion, but I am feeling bad after watching the movie. I never thought after growing up watching Sean William Scott as Stiffler in the American Pie series, I would be touched […]