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  • Don't Text and Drive

  • Awas! Kepada Pengguna MacBook Air…

    telah wujud satu virus baru yang menjangkiti MacBook Air, dan membuatnya bertindak di luar kawalan. Antaranya adalah memberikannya kebolehan luar jangka dan keupayaan untuk berfikir sendiri. Berikut adalah rakaman video dimana virus tersebut menjangkiti sebuah MacBook Air. MacBook Transforms Into Mini Jet – Watch more Funny Videos Tapi kalau anda ada AirPort, dia akan pulang […]

  • How To Prevent and Recognize Symptoms Of Swine Flu

    I found this video and I think it is something I should share

  • Tips for the Malaysian Football Coach

    I believe, if Malaysia wants to enter the World Cup, the coach should consider combining the National Squad with the National Gymnastics Squad. For a faster results, they should be replaced with the gymnasts altogether. That is, if our gymnasts can be as cool as this chick: Talented, Flexible Gymnast’s Ball Routine – Watch more […]

  • Tips untuk Pemain Jurulatih Bola Sepak Malaysia

    Aku rasa lah,kan… kalau kita nak masuk Piala Dunia, kita kena gabungkan atlit bola sepak, dengan atlit gimrama. Nak lagi cepat, ganti terus skuad Kebangsaan dengan skuad gimrama kebangsaan. Itu pun kalau skuad kita sehebat budak perempuan kat bawah ni la… Talented, Flexible Gymnast’s Ball Routine – Watch more Funny Videos

  • When It's Hot Outside, Who Do You Call?

    In order to help end or shorten this dry spell we Klang Yalleyians are experiencing, Farrah and I contributed our effort to help bring in some rain with our special duo combo rain-calling ceremony. Location of ceremony is however, kept hidden to evade panic.

  • I'm Haunted…

    …by this video of what seems like a daytime robbery. The car is of similar make and model as mine, and see how easy they did it?I don’t know if those men are actually some repo men or working with DBKL to tow that car, but what haunts me is how fast they can get […]

  • I'm a visionary!

    A year and a half ago, I wrote this… 4 months ago, I wrote this… And now, we have this: I wonder if these guys got the idea from Bluqube?

  • So You Think You Can Dance?

    If the Swede couple chose to name their son Metallica, just because they’re themselves are hard rockers, then they’re a fool, at least that’s what I think. They should make their child a hard-rocker first, then name their child accordingly. You you can have Danzig for the eldest, Led Zeppelin for the 2nd, Disturbed for […]

  • Da Vinci's Code Mistake

    For those who had read the Da Vinci’s Code novel, it seems that some meticulous research have been done on art forms, as they are said to have captured the moment when it is made. Some others, have deeper meanings, more than meets the eye. For example, The Monalisa. Upon close scrutiny, it appears that […]