The Spirit of Muhibbah

On my way from work this morning I heard something on the radio. A story that touches my heart, and I’m sure many others’ too. And in the heat of Deepavali and Aidilfitri celebration, the story couldn’t be told better at any other time.

I didn’t get the location and the names…but the story is a little bit like this: an Indian father had collected RM 2000 for his family to celebrate Deepavali. Guess how he used the money? He donated the money to a blind person selling murtabak near his house! I’m not sure if he knows the blind fellow or not, but what he did was…was…GREAT!!! (can’t think of any other word). Another thing is, the blind fellow is a Malay…talk about Muhibbah.

I really hoped that spirit is shared by all Malaysians. I hope I share it too. But barely 1 hour after I heard the news, I saw a group of Malay boys, disturbing a group of Indians who are older than them playing football. If at the young tender age they’re at (the Malay boys are just primary students) they’re tought of differentiating and looking down on other race just because they’re the so-called native race here, then I don’t know what to say. The parents have managed to instill the differring mindset into their children.

We need to label ourselves as Malaysians more, than only using race. No race is better than other, just the mindset. Can we change our mind or are we too comfortable to do anything? Scary thoughts, they are…