Fast Food or Fat Food?

Question 1:
Malaysian “Nasi Lemak” can also be considered as a Malaysian fast food. So if Americans (generally) read the nutrition facts before or when having their fast food meal, what do we (usually) read when having our Nasi Lemak?

Question 2:
Fill in the Nutrion Fact for the Meal shown below.

Calories: _____________
Fat: ________________
Cholestrol: ___________
Sodium: _____________
Protein: _____________
Fiber: _______________
Carbs: ______________

Question 3:
What do you think this is?



  1. We read the newspaper used to wrap the Nasi Lemak. Reminded me of an advertisement where a guy kena lepuk (got hit) while reading news from a girl’s nasi lemak (nasi lemak as in the food-lah you pervert!). The girl thought he was looking at ‘something else’. I think it was Utusan’s or Berita’s.
  2. If you fill in 0 (zero) in all of the blank spaces, you are right! There’s no food in the ‘meal’. Unless you can eat the paper cups, straw and all. Then you won yourself a trip to the hospital.
  3. The thing in the circle is actually a tudung saji. Compliments to the designer of the massive Christmas Tree in KLCC, for coming up with an ingenius idea of using a tudung saji.


2 responses to “Fast Food or Fat Food?”

  1. Cool discussion on food you have there.
    Psstt, bro, check my blog. Your photo is there.

  2. sungguh kebaratan sekali nampaknya tudung saji itu.