Fast Food or Fat Food?

Question 1:
Malaysian “Nasi Lemak” can also be considered as a Malaysian fast food. So if Americans (generally) read the nutrition facts before or when having their fast food meal, what do we (usually) read when having our Nasi Lemak?

Question 2:
Fill in the Nutrion Fact for the Meal shown below.

Calories: _____________
Fat: ________________
Cholestrol: ___________
Sodium: _____________
Protein: _____________
Fiber: _______________
Carbs: ______________

Question 3:
What do you think this is?



  1. We read the newspaper used to wrap the Nasi Lemak. Reminded me of an advertisement where a guy kena lepuk (got hit) while reading news from a girl’s nasi lemak (nasi lemak as in the food-lah you pervert!). The girl thought he was looking at ‘something else’. I think it was Utusan’s or Berita’s.
  2. If you fill in 0 (zero) in all of the blank spaces, you are right! There’s no food in the ‘meal’. Unless you can eat the paper cups, straw and all. Then you won yourself a trip to the hospital.
  3. The thing in the circle is actually a tudung saji. Compliments to the designer of the massive Christmas Tree in KLCC, for coming up with an ingenius idea of using a tudung saji.

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