What Say You?

In my recent post (if you’ve subscribed to my blog since Dec last year or have gone through my Really Old Thoughts), I wrote about giving Family Planning subsidy to the poor, as they usually are not aware or can’t afford them over food. In effect, many have too many children than that they can handle, and thus, dimming the future of those children.

Utusan Malaysia have been kind and posted my thoughts on its Forum section. Heavy editing means my writing still lacks the simple and concise writing style of Utusan writers. Hey, that’s why I’m writing in my blog…

To read the article in Utusan’s website, click HERE

To read my thoughts in the Really Old Thoughts, click HERE


2 responses to “What Say You?”

  1. owh.. i remember that post the one that u want to send to newspaper. heehee.. congrats that you made it thru despite the massive alteration on the original article. heehee… why you dont use your real name? i think it may have a greater feel.. heehee.. owh.. that was me who like to gain attention.. bwahahahahah !

  2. tarra was my nick during secondary years, and I even have a company name using it, if i ever have a company. this is long before i thought of BluQube, which is a company in US, so I can’t use that name.