The House Bunnies

I had very low expectation for this movie. The only reason I went to watch it at the cinema was because my colleagues want to watch movies, and the other choice is Mamma Mia!
The trailer reminds me of Legally Blonde, and Anna Faris looked horrible in it. She somehow reminds me of Pamela Anderson or Jennier Coolidge. I just hope that her rubbery cheeks in this movie is just make up, cause her face is one of those I prefer to look at in Hollywood movies.
The movie is about Shelly, a Playmate Bunny in the Playboy Mansion. She had just turned 27, and ousted from the Mansion for being too old. Being homeless and inapt to survive in the real world, she seeks refuge as a House Mother in the Zeta Theta Alpha Sorority House.
The Zeta House is not your ordinary sorority house. Somehow, the only ‘girls’ to pledge to this house are geeks, nerds, and weirdos. The 7 girls ranges from geeky, hide-in-the-closet shy, wearing full body braces to being very pregnant. Even the boys across the street try not to stare at them.
This becomes a problem when they have not enough pledges (or members). The rules requires them to have at least 30 more pledges or they will lose their charter to the prestigious but pretentious Phi Iota Mu.
I admit, this movie have it’s moments, where I suddenly have admiration to the scriptwriters, but for the most part, it is entirely predictable, and dangerously shallow. Playmate Bunnies should feel insulted, if not for the scenes where Shelly rationalizes her silly remarks, and silences insults thrown at her.
The rest of the time, my friends oogled at their make up and dresses, and laughs at their silly antics (Mind you, I was with 2 girls so their oogling are strictly to the styles). For me, 2 hours of scantily clad women is just too much. The similarities to other movies doesn’t help. And the worst of all, is Anna Faris looking like she injected Botox into her cheek. Either that or she took too much lemang during Raya. Oh wait, maybe cookies.
This is a light movie, and don’t expect too much brains from it, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Expect silly antics, slapsticks, and transformation from ultra weird to ultra hot. Not to forget nipple pinch and breast slaps. And if you’re into Playboy that much, then this movie is for you. Oh, and don’t expect anymore flesh than what a 2 piece bikini can reveal, and only the pair of nipples are male, by the way.
2 out of 5 Stars
Oh, And Hefner, surrounded by Bunnies doesn’t make you a good actor, at all. But you still have the Mansion, and the Bunnies, and for that, you’re my hero…