Role Models

Just finished Role Models, and lo and behold, I’m smiling. Really, this movie has surpassed what ever expectations (or the lack thereof) I had for it.

Story’s simple. 2 co-workers, Wheeler (Seann William Scott) and Danny (Paul Rudd) was forced to do 150 hours of community service as mentors to 2 problematic kids. Wheeler got a 10 years old foul mouthed prankster while Danny got a teenage nerd who finds solace in a live action midieval role-playing cmmunity.
Wheeler, is a positive thinking, but irresponsible, charming lad, while Danny‘s a negative person, who thinks he’s better than others. Match them up with the kids, and that’s where the fun begins.
You can see the transformation of each characters, as they become what the program is supposed to create (the program is noble, but the founder is a nutcase herself). while the kids found the role models they need, the grown-ups themselves realizes how much they have forgotten their inner-self.
This movie, is however, not suitable for minors, since foul languages in abundance, and some topless scenes thrown in. Seeing Seann (or more famously known as Stiffler from the American Pie series) in there, I guess the topless scenes complements the only character I think he is truly tailor made for.
Speaking of which, Seann’s choice of movies after, even during his American Pie have been deep and moving to me. Not all, but moving nevertheless. Only thing is his character always seem to be the same over and over again.
And oh, I love the end serenade Danny gave to his ex-girlfriend. Sweet, and original.
I don’t really know why I enjoyed this movie. Maybe it’s like the dark cloud slowly lifting during a monotonous ensemble is playing. The movies’s pacing itself is somewhat sombre and monotonous, much like Knocked Up (also co-starred by Paul Rudd). In the end, as they show off the best of themselves, I was smiling.
And I still don’t know why.