X-Men Origins: Wolverine

If I could sum up this review into 1 sentence I would say this: My comic graphic novel loving friend was sleeping 3 quarter of the movie.

Yes, it was that boring.
And to make it worse many of the audience have gone and watched the production version of the leaked out of Fox studios before the movie’s been treated for special effects. Not that it would matter anyways. The effects, by Hollywood’s, or even X-Men’s standard, is cheap.
Let me just go on and tell you what I think is wrong with the movie, and then, just to give hope, tell you what it did right.
First of all, the storytelling was straightforwardly boring, with predictability at an average of 10 minutes ahead. It means, while watching the movie, you can predict not just it’s ending, but even the subsequent scenes. 
And to make it worse, Director Gavin Hood, and writer Skip Woods and David Benioff decides to add lines that describes what’s going to happen in the next scenes. So much for twist and surprises.
The only character I believe is worth mentioning, is Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Ryan Reynolds (Wade/Deadpool). I know it’s not that Ryan gave a standing ovation kind of acting or rather, but I just love the guy. He’s on the same page as Brendan Fraser in my dictionary. 
Okay.. let’s move on. X-Men’s strength have always the effects off the powers the mutants have, not entirely dependant on the story (although X1 and X2 have a pretty decent storyline). However, in Wolverine, None of the effects work! Except for Wolverine’s claw, but even so there are some scenes where it looks painted on.
While the actual stunts looks pretty much passable and sometimes real, most of the wireworks and special effects won’t fool even the casual viewers. This is a shame since X-Men have brought forward one of the most beautiful and complex morphing scene (Mystique), one of the coolest teleportation scene (Nightcrawler), and managed to bring some excitement in X2 when there was a glimpse of Pheonix underwater. X3 did kill off some of the excitement, but then, the floating bridge scene alone managed to save the day.
Heck, some even looked like it’s superimposed on a Windows XP wallpaper.
I give it a Wol-Boring 2/5