Clash Of The Titans

Clash of the Titans, deserves the name it carries. A remake of a 1981 movie of the same name, the movie revolves around a demi-god, Perseus, who went on a rampage avenging his human foster parents who were killed by Hades. Perseus, himself, is the son of Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, and brother of Hades.

If you find this story very familiar, and sounds very recent you must have read ancient roman literature. Or have just played God of War III. Or at least you have watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thieves.

Yes, currently this theme have been played and replayed quite often.

In fact, I guess it’s too often that director Louis Leterrier decided to hang on to CGI, and have a very weak storytelling. It felt rushed, that audiences have no feeling for any of the characters, be it main casts, or supporting. Not even the fallen Gods deserves any pity. Such a pity. should the story been told in manners similar to Gladiators, it would be a very good movie.

I mean, I love the character designs, the sets, the atmosphere, and especially the CGI monsters. I love Kraken, where it looks waayyyy better than the oversized squid in Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s such a shame that it was given a small airtime in the movie.

Watch this movie for the effects, you’ll be blown away. But if you want to listen about the Roman Myth, you’d better of reading it elsewhere.


2 responses to “Clash Of The Titans”

  1. so patut tengok ke tak?

  2. Watch if you like giant scorpion fights and Gigantic Kraken.

    Don't expect 300 kind of feeling after the show. faaarrr from it.