Glass And Water

I’m sure by now many of us have heard the question: is the glass half full or half empty? And I’m sure the same lot knows the ‘right’ answer to this question.

Just in case you haven’t heard this question before, if you answered ‘half-empty’, it means that your view of life is kind of pessimistic, and if you answered ‘half full’, you might be a positive person. Many now answer ‘Half full’, just to be on the positive side, but while we can fool people, the answer that comes to mind before be blurt it out is the one that counts.

During my uni years, I’ve come about this question one time too many, that I start to ask myself, is that all? I mean, is knowing how our perception of life enough to let us go through life? Since I won’t know the real answer, until i got through life (and die), so I came out with an extension of this concept.

I don’t know if it’s already used elsewhere, because I didn’t get this from any external sources. Any similarities is just great minds thinking alike.

After the initial question, which shows your current situation, I continue to assess the future by asking “Okay, the glass if half empty/full. Now what? What are you going to do about it?”.

All these years I’ve gotten so many answers, and while some are creative, some are also destructive. I’m not a psychologist or a therapist so usually I left them to assess their own answer.

These, however, are the 3 main answers that we tend to do with a half-filled glass:

Drink It

This is one of the most obvious answer, since we are presented with a glass of water. Those who choose this simply wants to enjoy life as it is, right here, right now. To them, life may end any minute now and why do we need to preoccupy ourselves with our past and futures?

These guys are happy with what they have now, and tend to live a relaxed life. No hurrying and scurrying about, since all they need is what they have right now. These guys appear happy all the time. Or at least relaxed.

They, however, do not think much about the future, and just accepts what happens as, happened. on the extreme side, they might be so contempt with what they have now, that they might not even start to do anything to improve their life. Hippies are the extreme example of this. Staying in one company without working for a better position are another.

Refill It

Those who are not satisfied with what they have now and constantly want to improve their selves or their immediate surroundings, usually do this. Why settle with half glass of water, when you can get a full glass, if you work harder?

These guys work hard and aim high, and usually have a roadmap to achieve their dreams already. These are usually those high up in the corporate ladder, or actively climbing one. Even when they have achieved what they aimed previously, they will start a new aim and plan the next course.

However, they don’t seem happy and able to enjoy life. Maybe they could unwind once in a while, but when they’re working, they’re a ruthless, calculating hunter. If this goes uncontrolled, they may even jump to the greedy side of life, although not necessarily an Uncle Scrouge. Many plan to live by this ideology before earning enough to let them live a “drink it” life in style.

Throw Away The Water and Get A Soda

These are the high risk takers, who dare to take the leap to the unknown, and enjoys the challenge. Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the gain. Well, most of the times. They are not afraid to lose what they have now, in pursuit of a new target.

You see these guys everywhere. Those who quit their day job to do business, or run a diverse set of business (simultaneously or not). Or quit their profession altogether to try on a new field. Venture capitalists, who invests a hefty sum into startup companies, that while have a good business plan and projections, can and have a high percent rate of failure.

To the extreme, these guys cannot settle down at all. they always want something new and presumably better. if it’s not better, then they simply jump to a new one. Living on the edge is exciting and all, but is not fit for everybody. And might not even fit for a person all the time.

To me, whatever answer I choose (usually I go with refill), it should also rely on our surroundings at that time, amongst other circumstances. Be flexible. If the time comes to refill, refill it. if the time comes to ditch the water and grab a soda, so be it. Because in the end, I want to just drink my water, without much care in the world.