KLCC French Kiss

Lately much have been said regarding the KLCC French kiss incident, and also the Pavilion version of it. Many were appalled (those born in the 80s and below), many were stimulated (those born in the 90s), and some just don’t get it (those born after 2000).

To me, while I do find this video appalling, it’s not because of the act of public French kissing. I mean, I’ve been desensitized by media and have seen French kisses on TV since the day I know the word “TV”. And the fact that the techniques the kids do are somewhat sloppy and unromantic. It was a big turn-off to me.

But prior to the kissing scene, was some dialogue being thrown by the girl, the boy, and the boy (I can only assume it’s a boy from the voice, but in this day and age, it can always be a girl with a moustache) who took the pictures. There might be more, but I’m not sure and I don’t care as much.

This is where I found this video appalling (i keep using that word cause the other brilliant word that i plan to use somehow eludes me at time of writing). The quality of words used, and the amount of thoughts put into each sentence is virtually nil. It a little better than baby talk because I can understand the meaning of the individual words, but at least the baby’s cute. The boy looks like a girl, the girl looks like a skinny guy, and the boy behind the camera speaks with his nose.

I mean, the girl was crying because the boy wants to leave her since she choose KLCC instead of the boy. The only thing that I could think of was “WHADDAFAK”!! Is this the level of thinking of our youth? Is our EQ so low that a choice like that would make the boy leave the girl? And the girl had to resort to crying and French kisses to keep him with her?

I shudder for my yet to be conceived child. I shall protect my child from such nonsense by having him/her watch selective shows like Sesame Street and Afdlin Shauki’s movies, not Razak Mohaideen’s, Barney or Rempit movies. Wonderpets are okay.

And the girl’s choice was KLCC? Give me the Curve anytime, kids.