The Price of Fame

I started using Samsung phones since 2009, with the release of Samsung Jet. Before that, I was loyal to Nokia and Sony Ericsson, both leadrs of good phones then.

Jet promised to be ‘Smarter Than Smartphones’, but that’s too tall an order to achieve. Especially in the wake of iPhones, and Windows Mobile phones. Android is still in its infancy and not worth the upgrade. Jet, however, proves a worthy buy when considering its price point, screen, and camera. The OS sucks, though.

Fast forward to the end of 2011. Samsung is sharing the top spot in smartphones with Apple. While apple decided to limit its offering to maintain focus, Samsung offers devices tailored to almost every need.

This sudden rise to fame, however, may have caught Samsung off guard. A couple years ago it stopped supplying AMOLED screens to other device makers due to supply shortage.

Locally, I guess the sudden influx of Samsung devices caught the servive centers off guard. Back in my Jet days, there is virtually no queues, and I can send my device in and out during lunch and still have time to eat.

Now, i think a half day leave would barely suffice to either send in or collect your device.