Proton Inspira–Owner’s Review (Updated 3)

UPDATE 3: I’m officially jealous of new Inspira owners. For the same price I’m for my car you’ll get tyres 17 inch with new sport rim design, touchscreen with GPS and reverse camera head unit from Blaupunkt (mine was Clarion), and a larger boot (since it’s using the space saver tyre and removed all the extra padding.). Lucky you!!!!


After getting married and expecting a baby, my trusty ol’ Myvi starts to feel insufficient. The light body and stiff seat makes the 1000km balik kampung round trip a chore, and the boot space starts to become a trouble. Not that its a bad car, far from it. It’s the best car in Perodua’s stable to date, winning Kelisa by a small margin. I know what many would think, but ask the owners. Many loves them, for their slickness in city driving, and practicality. I know I did.


I was initially eyeing the gorgeous Kia Forte. Being a fan of Audi, this is the nearest I could get to owning one, since the Forte is designed by an (ex) Audi designer. At that time, Kia Forte was offering the 2.0 version for almost RM 100k (RM 99,xxx.xx), with 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse camera, 6 speed CVT transmission, Push-start button, but no body kit. it was only after a couple months afterwards did they throw the body kit into the package, but then it’s too late, since I was already happily driving the Inspira at that time.


A colleague actually bought the Inspira and let me drive it one day, and boy, was I impressed. I know, coming from a Myvi owner, any bigger car drives better on the highway and when cornering, but I have also driven larger cars like the 2009 Accord and 2010 Mercedes C200. While I’m not that knowledgeable, but I know comfort when I’m in one.

When the Lancer (9th generation) first came out, I prefer the Civic (also 9th generation), since the Civic looks wider and seems more spacious. But when I hopped into Inspira (which was basically a Lancer at heart), I got the same feeling of spaciousness that I got from the Civic. And since Civic (even Lancer) has a 6 digit price tag (around 120k onwards), Inspira starts to seem like a good buy.


My car is a Proton Inspira 2.0P (P stands for Premium, the new trim level system adopted by Proton), so it comes standard with 2 airbags, auto wiper, auto headlight, Clarion bluetooth audio system with steering control, ABS with EBD, Paddle shifter, leather seat, auto-cruise, 6 speed CVT, and the typical Lokatoo GPS unit, among others. I added a reverse camera with a rear-view mounted monitor like Forte, but to add the R3 push-start button, it would void my car’s wiring warranty. That might also void the Proton’s lifetime warranty for the power window.


When first sitting in the car, the first thing I noticed was that the car actually feels wider than it looks. The seats are leather seats, and  quite soft and comfy for a Proton. The inner walls are covered with a rubbery material, which makes it feel less plasticky (as with other Proton cars), and it helps insulate sound from outside. The same or similar materials are used for the steering wheel, gear knob and the handbrake handle. The cabin is lit by 2 sets of cabin lights, one is the center one, and another pair right behind the rear view mirror. Both these lights have dimmers, so they will light up or shut off by dimming in/out. The steering wheel has basic audio control (next/previous, volume up/down, mode) and the cruise control.


The meter cluster is illuminated in white, red and amber, with analog tachometer and speedometer. In between them are a multi-display that shows off the mileage, fuel consumption, service interval, individual door ajar warning, trip meter, and others. The radio display is also illuminated in red, while the center console are using the red/amber combo. While the radio unit supports WMA, MP3 and bluetooth stereo, it does not have any external port (USB, micro SD) except for a line-in 3.5mm audio jack.

Note that when I connect my Galaxy SII with the radio, my phone automatically launches the audio app, and sometime plays it. But since the radio does not change to Bluetooth mode this way, it will still play the radio (if that’s what I’m listening at the time) and the Bluetooth audio will just play in silence. But if the app is not running, and the mode is set to Bluetooth Audio, the app will launch itself and play. And if you fancy using the Bluetooth connection for calls, note that the microphone is on the driver’s side (which is good), but the answer/reject button is only on the head unit, not on the steering wheel (which is bad).


Starting the car, at first I was surprised at how silent it was from the inside. Compared to my Myvi, which was quite loud, especially with the air conditioner on. My Inspira has a climate control, so you just need to set the temperature you want and set the blower speed to Auto and it will do the rest. In fact, when I was on Cameron Highlands, and the outside temperature is lower than inside the car, the air conditioner seems to blow heated air. But maybe it’s just that it was cold that morning. However I was peeved at the auto settings that likes to switch to external air intake. It’s okay if the air is fresh, but once you’re behind another vehicle, the exhaust fumes will definitely remind you to switch back to internal air cycle.

The air conditioner, is powerful. Powerful enough to have a 35 degrees heat cool down to 25 degrees in under 5 minutes. I think coming from a Proton car, that does not come as a surprise. I used to think that the saying “Proton Aircond(itioner) is power(ful)!” was a sarcastic remark, but now I stand corrected. Although if there’s a passenger in the rear seat, the auto settings were at times slow to cool down the rear area.

I remembered the shock when I first fill the tank in full. when driving Myvi, I can fill the tank from empty (the indicator is blinking) to full in just RM60. but now it’s around RM98 on average. As for consumption, however, I shouldn’t be comparing with Myvi, since it’s just have a 1.3L engine, and Inspira has a 2.0L engine. With full tank, Inspira can travel about 460km in the city, while on the highway, the numbers can go up to around 550km to 600km. I don’t travel that far that much, so this number may change.

UPDATE 1: I traveled to Kedah over the weekend. I traveled from Port Klang after topping up (let’s presume about 51 liters), and reaches Pendang with a little (a bar) above the half-tank bar. I travelled around for a day and return back from half tank. I reached Sungai Perak R&R when the fuel indicator blinked. I was travelling for about 110 km/h (I mainly used the auto-cruise, there were a lot of police activities it seems). Total was about 702 km (or was it 720km, I forgot,  but let’s use the lower number ), that translates to 13.7 KM per liter.


One gripe I have with Inspira is the boot space. Myvi had a 225L boot space that can be converted to the whole rear seat area due to the capability to be folded flat. I have transported a lot of stuff with the Myvi, including a 42in tv, and washing machine, and numerous boxes. Inspira, on the other hand, have a paltry 350L boot space. compare this to Persona and the new Proton P321-A (rumoured to be named Prevé) has about 500L boot space. Inpira’s boot lid can be opened by either the release lever by the driver’s seat, or by the release button on the key.
UPDATE 2: It’s worth to note that the boot lid is using a hydraulic/pneumatic damper to hold up the boot, unlike other Proton cars (and also Forte and mazda 3) that uses the metal arm that juts into the boot space.
UPDATE 2: The new Inspira 2.0E has a space saver spare tyre in the boot, so that expands the bootspace. I’m not sure if 2.0P cars can opt for this tyre instead of a full sized one, but if boot space is an issue, one can always swap the full-sized with the space saver and remove the padding Proton added to the boot.


UPDATE 2: This was how my boot looks like during our trip to my wife’s hometown for her confinement.

Inspira is equipped with keyless entry and immobilizer. Both these features are related on the key. The key have 3 buttons: Lock, Unlock, and open boot. The boot can be opened and closed using the button on the key, without the need to unlock the whole car. Note that the car do not have any buzzer, so it locks and unlocks silently. Only the indicators blink (once for lock, twice for unlock).

The indicators are Japanese styled, with the lever situated on the right side of the steering wheel (the wiper lever is on the left). None of the trims on Inspira has the side mirror indicators. The side mirrors are also incapable of folding in themselves, most probably to keep the cost low. The lever, if pushed just a bit (not locking), will blink the indicators 3 times, Probably for switching lanes. I would prefer it to blink 5 or 6 times, so I can have it blink before and during the lane change.

If you’re thinking of changing the ICE unit, do choose a good one, not some cheap version. For one, I have used a cheap unit before, and the main reason: the current unit is quite good, and it comes with VAPS. VAPS is a system that makes the audio seems to come from the center, instead of making it sound like it’s coming from the 4 individual speakers, which are positioned on the doors. I’ve tried switching off that system, and believe me, it makes a lot of difference. It has a nice base, but somehow Proton thought of not using the tweeter that’s available in the original Lancer. I’m not an audiophile, but comparing from my old Myvi, this one is way better. Just that to upgrade, one needs to consider a good system on the whole.


Driving the car, the CVT shows it’s smoothness from the get-go. When driving the Myvi, the car immediately wants to go once you lift the brake pedal. This sometimes result in some jolting when the car starts to move. Inspira, however, does not have the urgent need to move forward, but goes about it in smooth and steady. Since I’m driving the CVT transmission as opposed to the manual transmission, and since I’m not a lead-foot driver, this is a welcome feeling, and the weight of the accelerator gives the impression of driving a big car.

Moving from stand-still, maneuverability is not Inspira’s strong point. This coming from an ex-Myvi driver where the car behaves exactly like a city car, getting out fro
m tight spots with ease, and from experience driving an Estima, which light steering makes the huge car seems smaller than Myvi. The steering is quite heavy, and stays that way throughout the drive. I’m not sure if it has the capability to be lighter when parked and heavier when speeding, but when I’m driving it out of the garage, the steering always reminds me that the car is bigger than Myvi.

Once on the road, however, all that changes. Inspira is a highway friendly car. But it also handles tight curves nicely, with not so much body roll, but just enough to give the driver the feedback from the wheels. Inspira comes equipped with a set of Continental Confort Contact tyres, with a full spare tyre. I heard that this version (CC5) was designed specifically for Inspira, but I’m not entirely sure. As of now, the grip is good, although I haven’t tried any hard braking or cornering yet. Tyre noise are quite audible in the cabin in highway speeds, but even travelling to up to 180 km/h (the fastest I’ve gone so far), I still can converse with my wife without the need to shout. Try talking in a Myvi at >140 km/h 🙂 . I could do with a bigger, more aggressive sets of wheels, but for now, this is good enough, and then more.


At 180 km/h, the car is still stable, and while I can force it to go faster, I don’t go faster than I need to. Till the time comes, then. Cruising at the legal highway speed limit (110km/h) is quite a challenge, since the car manages to mask its speed nicely. Luckily the car comes with cruise control, so that can be used to keep the speed in check. Once I over sped the limit to 140 km/h, and was slowing down to 110 km/h, my wife thought that we’re stopping by the road, since she herself didn’t feel the speed.

The brakes were equipped with EBD and ABS, and I only get to see them in action once. I had to slow down from close to 180 km/h to around 90 when a slow car changed into my lane. No emergency brakes, for now, but the disc brakes (all 4 cars) and the drum brake (for parking brakes) works okay when the car is moving. Only when stationary, the parking brakes will always move a bit when you release the brake pedal. I’ve also experienced the car moving when the hand brake is only pulled 90% up. So make sure the handbrake lever is pulled all the way up, before fully releasing the brakes.

When I bought the car, it comes with a set of tools for towing, a first aid kit, a GPS unit (Lokatoo), RM300 rebate for tinting, RM5000 discount, and depending on the agent you’re buying it from, you can get extra stuffs like umbrella, t-shirt and stuff. For all this, the car is priced at RM 91, 999, and at the time I bought it, I got a RM 5000 discount, bringing it down to RM 86, 999. It has a 5,000 km or 10,000 km service interval, depending if you chose to use semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil during service. My first service costs me around RM200 (including car wash), and for normal services, it’s around that. I haven’t gotten the exact quotation for the major services, but get ready for anything around RM 1,000. I got a 2.8 percent for
Proton Inspira is a value for money, especially since other foreign brands are highly taxed. For a Proton, it’s the best money can buy at the moment. Of course, many had commented on the loose QA that Proton cars are famous for, but for the moment I found none of those. But then again, my car’s still new and I can’t say the definitive word on owning an Inspira, but having driven it, and knowing the high fuel consumption issue that’s effecting Forte users, I have no regrets for the moment.

But putting in a push-start button and reverse camera wouldn’t hurt much, won’t it? Smile



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  1. One of the best personal reviews I've read for this car! Your review will help me decide which car I'm going to upgrade 🙂

  2. Thanks. If I may, what are the other cars are you looking at? what are the specs you're looking for?

    Just curious, since I'm also at the moment comparing between several 2.0/1.8 cars with the highest spec and priced around or lower than 100k. not to buy, just comparing.

  3. You know, I keep coming back here just to read this posting of yours as it is so well written and was actually wondering whether you noticed of the new 2.0 E and voila, there's an update on that!

    Given the choices we have here.. I was looking at the following in no particular order – Kia Forte, Ford Fiesta and Proton Preve. Proton Inspira was just added to the mix after a friend recommended it.

    Specs… not too fussy I suppose. But a good cabin in terms of NVH & space, fuel efficiency, ride & handling as well as future serviceability are the things I put higher in my list. Things like soft-touch interior.. not too fussed.

    The rear camera in your car really helps as Fira (as it's affectionately known in this realm of yours) has a high boot.. my wife would love that feature. I presume this come as an add-on option?

  4. It was only last week I knew about it, when I went to add autolock to my car. Not going to be my first choice, but a 86k, quite the option

    Mine was Forte, Cruze, Elantra and Inspira. Preve was an option but after a test drive, Inspira is a way better option, except for the boot.

    The rear camera was a third party installation I asked the dealer to install. It costs me about RM950. not an add on from Proton. but yes, it's very useful 🙂

  5. Well given the fact that you got RM5k off your Inspira, no brainer there as it's similarly priced to the 2.0 E variant!

    Actually I'm surprised the Inspira doesn't have autolock – I thought that's quite a common feature that comes with cars nowadays. Even the base-line Persona has it. But I suppose you can always install it on your own accord, wonder how much it costed you?

  6. It's already installed. not activated. this is the default settings from Mitsu. the same case for Civic. some say it's a safety feature should your car had an accident.

    I did it for rm70 by flashing the ETACS. not wire-cutting or assembly required. just software settings were changed. I could recommend him to u once u get ur Inspira, should you get one.

    but as a suggestion, maybe you can ask the dealer to swap your full-sized spare to a space saver one, so you can have a larger boot space.

  7. Hi, great to see your review! Was looking into cars with a budget of 80k range.. And inspira is one of my choice between a Vios and Elantra..
    Anyway just wanted to ask, is the car boot of inspira has any problem as i heard complains that during heavy rain it sips in..
    And the 2.0P now only cost 87k, and hopefully it would give me discount like yours haha

  8. Hi Timothy,

    I don't have that problems, and my car have gone through some pretty bad weather ( around the opening of the boot, leaves does find it's way to the gap but never entered the bootspace. maybe there's an issue with the rubber lining?

    Does Elantra offer anything in the 80k mark? a friend of mine got his (1.8L) for about 110k. maybe

    Vios is a subcompact, so for the same price of a C segment, you only get a subcompact car. not to say it's a bad car, just smaller.

    I'm not judging your choice, just to clarify some things. 🙂

    another thing in your comment, you said that the 2.0P(remium) is now 87k? is this after discount? I thought that price range was for the 2.0E(xecutive).

  9. Salam.

    Glad to write the comments from yet another happy owner of Inspira!
    I own a 1.8 CVT anyway 🙂

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    You made a great choice bro! Most people will go after the badges e.g Honda, Kia etc instead of looking at the features and performance.
    For me, I initially placed an order for a Civic 2.0 until similar to you, a friend gave me a lift in his Inspira. I was impressed with the car and cancelled my order for the Civic. Truth be told, before deciding I test-drived the following cars: Civic, Altis, Forte and Inspira. For my money, my preference in term of overall performance and value shall be: Civic, Inspira, Forte and Altis. But for a price difference of more than Rm25k between Civic & Inspira, the choice is obvious. And Seriously, there's not even a need to compare with City or Vios. However, many of these cars' owners will claim their cars are far more superior just because of the badges without even knowing the specs and stats. I've been a proud of owner of 2.0 CVT for more than a year and i can assure you that touch wood, so far no problem bro! 😉


  11. Salam Hairil… Thanks! just curious, how does the 1.8 fuel consumption?

    Hi Eddie, glad you to find a like-minded fellow. City and Vios wins hands down in fuel consumption, but nothing else. they are, in fact city cars. on the highway, they're not that suitable but many drive like they drive a Beemer 😀

    Eddie, since you tried all 4 cars, can you elaborate your experience? Those cars were in my list but due to the price, only Inspira and Forte remains…


  12. Hi, thanks for this comprehensive review, including the pictures!

    I'm looking to buy Proton Inspira 1.8 Manual Transmission. =)

  13. Hi nizam. Correct me if i'm wrog but after Proton launched Prevé, thy don't have 1.8l version anymore, except for the r3 version. I heard that They replaced it with the 2.0E. But maybe i heard it wrong

  14. Very good review.

    Can you share where I can get those reverse camera installed and how much does it costs? They are s cool. I drive similar car

  15. Hi Azri,

    sorry for the delay in replying.

    I asked the dealer to install it for me, and I think it costs about RM950.00 (it's kinda transparent to me, since she took it from the extra from selling my MYVI).

    unluckily for us the new Inspiras are already equipped with a Blaupunkt head unit with GPS and reverse camera. Maybe someone from proton is reading this review? 🙂

  16. Hi Lizzam.

    Enjoy reading your review.

    BTW where you get the reverse camera with rear-view mounted monitor mirror?

    Sound cool.

  17. Hi Leo,

    Thanks for reading 😀

    I got that from the dealer itself, I asked them to install it before I got the car. she told me it costs about RM950 with installation. most probably you can get a cheaper/better version, but ATM I'm happy with what I have.

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    "However I was peeved at the auto settings that likes to switch to external air intake. It’s okay if the air is fresh, but once you’re behind another vehicle, the exhaust fumes will definitely remind you to switch back to internal air cycle."

    u can off this by pressing the temperature button for 6 seconds and u can hear 3 beeps. it will off the auto recirculation.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    This will be very useful for me if it works, I'l try it tonight, I'm owner of 2.0P ,thanks.

  20. Thanks a lot for ur comprehensive review, way better than many reviews I have read. Not sure if u could share where did you activate the autolock or any contact, it would be more convenience having it, thanks first. I'm owner of 2.0P.

  21. Salam Hairil… Thanks! just curious, how does the 1.8 fuel consumption?

  22. Hi Eddie, glad you to find a like-minded fellow. City and Vios wins hands down in fuel consumption, but nothing else. they are, in fact city cars. on the highway, they're not that suitable but many drive like they drive a Beemer 😀

    Eddie, since you tried all 4 cars, can you elaborate your experience? Those cars were in my list but due to the price, only Inspira and Forte remains…

  23. Hi .. Proud owner of inspira 2.0e. Just took it yesterday in heavy rain. Cant wait to have it though the sales girl asked me to take it today.haha. Ekcely i got loan approved for sylphy. But this hottie sales gal has managed to make turn down the sylphy and go for inspira. Can someone tell me how to install buit in head unit gps like the new 2.0p n same leather trimmed in the 2.0p?

  24. Ekcely most my friens laughing at me on taking another proton after gen2 n neo but in the end i have to decide for something that worth for my every day commute as i travel a lot n realy need bigger cc n space. Just because most of them are honda owner (most city) they thought its a stupid choice. Anyway i hope i wont regret to have this car . ..

  25. Hi www. I really couldnt find the link but just google or search for "inspira auto lock" in forums. Its cheaper nowadays..

  26. My agent actually offered lancer's head unit for about 2k.but i'm sure the price is cheaper than that. But the one in new inspiras are similar to tje one in preve and are proton's so i'm guessing 2k also without much discount

  27. Hi www. I really couldnt find the link but just google or search for "inspira auto lock" in forums. Its cheaper nowadays..

  28. Malaysians typically love hondas. Naturally the biggest plus point of owning a honda is the resale value because of the said reason. But driving on is another story. City is a city car,vios too. Civic is another story. Bring them to a drive off in a highway area. Inpira wins both top speed and fuel consumption. Bring them to hilly and winding roads, inspira wins in handling and and vios wins in city drive and city fuel consumption and boot space, though, so be sure to change to space saver spare tyre before comparing. 🙂

  29. Hi lizzam. I feel my inspira a bit sluggish n the engine feels n sounded rough? Is it normal?

  30. Anonymous Avatar

    Went to proton showroom today. Sales Rep revealed tat Proton will stop production of Inspira.

    No wonder offering such low prices n NO test drive car although hv new variants.

  31. What????????????? Oh man.. That means we have to expect a difficulty to get sparepart in future . Its only 2 years since the day launched.. Wat the hell is drb trying to do?

  32. Anonymous Avatar

    check your air filter box if its properly fitted or not….make sure it is fitted properly.

  33. Anonymous Avatar

    No worries. Can still go to authorized mitsubishi workshop to get parts… But expensive la

  34. Anonymous Avatar

    thnks for all the info about inspira..for sure i will get inspira soon..

  35. salam.

    well written review on th inspira. im just curious to know how much do u pay for roadtax for th 2.0 variant? tq.

  36. salam..

    i've a very good reading here.
    helps me deciding whether to buy inspira or lancer gt. 🙂

  37. Anonymous Avatar

    hi lizzam, thanks for the review. very useful. just now trying to ask agent at pandan indah and he said, it was under promotion where i can get mthly intalment for 550 only. so curios how they can make this happen. but when i read the above comment saying, proton will stop the production sooner, hm… maybe that the reason… scared if replacement part will be expensive.

  38. Hi zaki. The road tax for 2.0 is about 280 and the insurance premium is between 2500 and 3000. I transferred my NCD so i got less 55% from my old car

  39. Salam. Glad you like it.

  40. Hi anon..

    550 installment is very cheap! Even if they're stopping production…the monthly payment is controlled by the bank..not proton. Wonder how are they doing it. Btw..which version are you trying to buy?

  41. Anonymous Avatar

    just got the answer, they said it was 12 yrs loan.. hm.. no wonder lah… but also curious can the bank do so even bank negara limit it to 9 yrs.. hmm…the salesman said it was their company promotion for the first 500 inspira… left about 100 cars only… and its true no more 1.8 model, except those left in show room only.. thinking to get 2.0 cvt not premium …

  42. Anonymous Avatar

    i've heard about company offering low interest rate as a promotion but i dont think any bank would approve a car loan beyond 9 years. besides, do u really want to spend 12 years in your life paying for a car? think about it. peace!

  43. Anonymous Avatar

    Salam, Bro i want to buy inspira either 1.8 CVT or 2.0 CVT?.. Which is better for fuel consumption?..

  44. Hi Anon. Truth be told I've never heard of 1.8 CVT. the only one I know is 1.8 m/t.

    but my thoughts on FC are usually, go for the higher CC so as to avoid having an underpowered car. 1.8MT is a powerful car, thanks to the transmission. even more powerful than 2.0 cvt. so if they change the 1.8 transmission to cvt, chances are it's going to be less powerful, less features, and higher chance of being underpowered.

  45. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Lizzam,

    What a comprehensive review you have there.. for my humble opinion..

    it does really do not hurt for Proton to add the following items into the car (*since most of the modern car has the following features):
    1. Xenon light display (HID)
    2. Key-less / push start button
    3. Fold-able side mirror with LED signal indicators
    4. Center lock for safety measurements

    There's almost no more promo for this great car as i observed.. it makes me believes that Proton already stop producing Inspira as they had already bought an engine from Petronas…

    But to be honest, we are getting lesser choices for car below RM100K… so far Inspira is still the best for consumer's budget…

    BTW, does Inspira using timing chain?


  46. Anonymous Avatar


    Proton is currently stacking all their chips on Preve. all the other models are currently not getting enough attention (not only Inspira) because in doing so would turn people attention to Preve. i do believe that Inspira will still be in production for few years to come since its the only Proton model with naturally aspirated 2.0 engine.

    -captain slow

  47. Nice review…my Inspira 2.0p is 2 years+ now. Really great car. I have a slim tyre replace the default full sized tyre and you will get the decent boot space, a few months after owning the car. This car is great to drive, extremely comfortable and way better value than a Forte 1.6 at almost same price.
    Btw, how much and where did you get that rear view mounted monitor camera? I want to get one!

  48. Hi TK,

    I bought the rear view monitor and camera (plus isntallation) straight from the dealer herself. when putting order for the Inspira, I added some add ons to the list and she did the rest.

    however i did find similar product at GM Klang, at the 3rd (IT) floor. it costs around 300-400, i think. i also believe you'll need to add the camera separately, not to mention labor charge.

  49. Anonymous Avatar

    Read your review. Comparable to professional reviewer. Bought a 2.0E for 82,900 after 4k discount in November 2012. Changed side mirror motor and rear door switch. good thing under warranty. apart from that, no problems. love the size of the car and the smooth engine.hope to read more from you. cheers.

  50. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Lizzam,

    Good review.. Frankly, I used your review as one of my reference before decided to have one, thanks for that! Currently driving a 2.0P for about a month.

    Tell you what, my initial plan is to buy this car for my wife but ended up she got the Prius (my other car) all by herself. I think I prefer Inspira handling and power, since it feels too soft and too comfort in a Prius. Not to say Inspira is less comfort, but I think the set up is suitable for my driving style.

    Any problem so far? Mine is good all the way, except for soft hissing (noise) when the head unit is switched on. The noise is masked anyway by the music from radio/cd/bt but getting worse while using handsfree call. Might be due to poor grounding or wiring. I put the blame on the QC, but after all they are not audio expert.

    Keep up the good reviews anyway, cheers!


  51. Anonymous Avatar

    There was the 1.8CVT model, but production have been stopped. Now 1.8L model only for manual transmission.

  52. Side mirror motor? do you mean the side mirror can fold on its own or is it for the mirror itself. if your sidemirror can fold automatically then I'm getting more jealous to new owners 🙁

  53. Awesome, Azman. if only, Proton peeps can read this and compensate me, like what other companies did. haha

    curious about the Prius, how's the fuel consumption? is it worth it to buy a hybrid?

  54. Hi,

    I am a proud owner of inspira 2.0p. First of all, i didn't have the intention to get a proton car since it has a bad workmanship on the parts except proton wira (my fav). I test drove civic and forte 2.0 versions .. nissan sylphy and toyata altis is not in my interest list .. my impression on civic was the car has good response during stand still but it lacked stability during fast and tight conners .. the rear wheel could not handle well on tight corners .. may be this is the weak point of torsion suspensions .. forte was ok but it too handled badly on corners and further i felt the front drivers cabin space was little small and little congested .. however the accessories offered for this model was fantastic .. my fren recommended me to try the inspira before i could decided buying either the civic or forte .. he brought to proton showroom and i was given a test car (inspira 1.8 cvt) to test drive .. my first impression was the front cabin was big assize i was driving a big car .. the car felt smooth .. the absorber was cool and the steering input was awesome .. i just felt i was just driving my old wira (mod absorbers and suspension). I took to a wider road to test the acceleration and cornering exit of the car .. to be honest i am not used to paddle shifts but some how manage to used .. oh my .. i was blown away with the cornering speed .. inspira really does well in tight corners and there is plenty of grip when you exiting a corner with solid acceleration .. the steering handles so good that you have instantly feel in love with the car .. i really can feel the passion to drive this car and you know what i didn't hesitate much to purchase this car .. i got one for myself with a solid bargain and i am happy man .. a proud owner of inspira .. i have just changed few things .. front original mitsu bumper, kenwood ice system (head unit only), tweeters, original mistu spoiler and 17inch enkei rim .. i m planning to add auto fold side mirror in future ..

    those who has passion for driving i would strongly recommend to get and inspira .. good driving pleasure .. only thing i am little disappointed is that during when you stop your car at a traffic light, and when about to leave the traffic light there is lag .. i mean the gearbox is not responsive when you accelarate from stand still .. the power comes in after 3 sec .. i have feeling this is to protect your cvt gearbox since it cant handle high torques .. but i did hear from someone you can flash your ecu and adjust the air flows timing to get good acceleration and avoid the lag as well ..

    all in all .. its a good car compare to altis, sylphy, forte and the rest ..

  55. Hi Sudhan,

    I enjoyed reading your comment. A recent post on paultan also mentioned about cerato and civic's handling.

    As for the sluggishness that you said, chances are that is the CVT. Some call it the "rubber band issue". Thers some intentional (to prolong the life of the gears) and unintentional (some cvt are more sluggish than others) lag in CVT. If you're into quick acceleration, the manual version might be your cup of tea.

    If i'm not mistaken, the ecu does "learn" about your driving habit as you drive it, so after a while you'd feel the car is performing better.

    Enjoy your car, and have fun tackling tight corners. Just don't have too much fun ya 🙂

  56. If i'm not mistaken inspira still use timing chain. You can refer to the Mivec engine description here in wikipedia

  57. Anonymous Avatar

    Ahhh…after reading all the comments….it fires me back to get an Inspira (M)…but then Proton sales rep told me no production of 1.8 anymore.
    Right now, my Wira is serve me well.
    Your explanation is very good since it helps other people choose Inspira on top of Civic, City, Elantra and others.


  58. Anonymous Avatar

    my inspira very sluggish n very noisy during day time… it happened when i try to speed it up…. anyone can help me to tune my inspira like original lancer…

  59. hi lizzam…

    Im driving inspira 2.0 for about a year now. but i still dont knw how to connect the bluetooth to the phone for calls? do my hp need to be installed with any apps before i can answer calls through the radio? just for your info im using galaxy s5 rite nw. pls help me tq

  60. salam, hi lizam…

    im driving inspira 2.0 about a year nw. bt until nw i still dont knw how to connect the bluetooth to my hp for calls and for the mp3s… just for ur info im using galaxy s5 rite nw. do my hp need to be installed with any apps before it can be used and for calls through the radio? pls help, tq

  61. Hi Fuad.

    No need to install anything. Bluetooth is native to most phones since before (BT) the smartwatch era.

    One way is to switch on BT on your phone, then switch on your radio. Change the mode to BT Audio. The radio will attempt to pair with your phone. If it asks for a code,just enter "0000". You're done. You can now make calls and listen to music from your phone on the radio.

    If this does not happen automatically, you'll to manually pair the two. On the radio, open bt audio mode and press the BT button until the screen shows "Pairing". Then on your phone, open the bluetooth settings and press Scan Now. You'll see "Proton" listed. Tap on the name and key in the code. You're done.

    Please note that by default, all audio goes to the radio even if you're not in BT Audio mode. For calls, it will switch to "call mode" automatically. But for other audio like music and navigation, you'll have to switch to BT Audio manually.

  62. Anonymous Avatar

    2nd hand Inspira is a very ideal buy for people with low budget like me. Thank you all for helping me to decide. 🙂

  63. Salam.. lizam
    i just buy 2nd hnd inspira 2.0p.. can u tell me how to use cruise control button?