Samsung Galaxy S4: review from online reviews

OK. Samsung suka tiru Apple. Dulu tiru design (which I approve, because it pushes Android to the mainstream leaps and bounds), tapi sekarang macam tiru release style pulak. Galaxy S4 cuma ada incremental upgrade, compared to s3. Some of the upgrades i like, some I don’t. None of them makes me want to buy a s4 though. Here’s what I like and don’t like


  • They added capability for the screen to read touch using gloves, and even hover. I have that in note 2 but only with stylus. I don’t use it as much, except for browsing, remote desktop and watching long videos.
  • Full HD screen
  • Better cameras with better UI and functionality..
  • The dual shot (captures videos using both camera) might be useful for my driving.
  • Optical reader. hope it’s native and offline, not network based. 
  • Group Play with Games – multiplayer over WiFi – but only for group play supported games, i presume, which sucks.
  • ChatOn getting video call. if only it’s native. the screen sharing is useful though.
  • S Translator sounds nice, if only it works. 
  • Adapt display makes reading easier on the eyes. For someone who reads a lot i like this.
  • S Health. I could use some extra walk to burn off some extra fat. Nothing I couldn’t install myself though.

Not Like:

  • Looks almost the same as s3
  • Plasticky body, when others have gone to more premium materials
  • Tight integration with Samsung smart tv. I don’t like because I don’t have smart tv, even if it’s a Samsung.
  • Might not have native video call (this video shows the dialer, which might be just for the US market, so i’l have to reserve this judgement)
  • Some of the extra features (smart pause, eye-tracking + gesture to scroll) makes TW even more bloated and less snappier.
  • Not sure what’s WatchOn, seems like allplay with extra stuff only for Smart TVs.
  • It doesn’t mention support for Miracast. Which means needs to rely on the AllShare Hub to connect to tv wirelessly. Too expensive
  • Does not have the design awesomeness of its rival, namely HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. 
  • If it follows what they have for Note 2, then the NFC, wireless display stuff only works with Samsung Products.