What other uses of KTM Komuter besides being a Public Transport?

  • Jejak Kasih – I have met more of my long lost friends on Komuter compared to other means of public transportation. Recently I met a friend whom I’ve lost contact for a decade (am I that old?) and just now, my best friend during Matrix who i haven’t met for several years..
  • Memadu Kasih – if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to their giggles, of peeping at the “soft porn” acts by the couple riding the Komuter, than you either need to stay awake along your journey, or you need to ride it more…It’s actually a regular scene, especially during weekends and public holidays
  • Mencari Kasih – as opposed to the “Mencari Cinta” program aired on TV3, this segment is not arranged so that 10 guys may court a girl. It may be a group act, a solo mission, a humiliating disaster (one you’d wish you’d have it recorded on your videophone), or a jackpot (an endangered occurence – very rare). And sometimes even girls are taking the first daring step of flirting too. Not that I’m that against it, but I’m just never the guy they flirted with…sigh.
  • Kasih Singh Walia – If (I hope) Karam Singh Walia reads this post I really would like him to plant a hidden cam in the Komuter and wave his left hand to some irritating Malaysians. These “vandalist” could be seen picking at or even tearing up the chair’s fabric and the floor, sitting in such an akward position that other paying passengers was denied from their seat, the usual dosage of littering and spitting, not to mention hoarding seats when there’s elderly, disabled or pregnant people standing nearby.
  • Kasihan – some people used the Komuter ride to plea for money. I can’t really say that these people are scam, but sometimes it’s scary. I’ve been mugged several times (at one time, I even asked back the watch that was mugged the day before, and got it back! Was I so stupid, so brave or just so lucky?), and amongst the popular approach is to ask you for some change, and then either you help them or not, they start demanding more. Some people really need help, but these scums (the muggers) made it hard for us to help.
  • Kasih Tak Sampai (lagi) – happens to both sides of a couple – when the significant other failed to meet on time, only to arrive at the station with a silly smile and equally silly excuses, such as : “Sori, drebar komuter bawak lambat, dia baru dapat lesen L“,”tayar komuter pancit tadi“,”Komuter minyak abis, singgah Petronas kejap“.
  • Benih Kasih – trains never ceased to awe little kids, at least for the first 15 minutes. after this, the train will either fill with the children’s laughter while playing around and their parents screaming at them asking them to sit down, or the kids themselves do the screaming “NAK BALIK!!!!“. At some times, i’d come across little kids who are so obedient and cute i’d wish mine would be like that too…

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4 responses to “What other uses of KTM Komuter besides being a Public Transport?”

  1. Go dig some more dude !

    Other komuter function :

    A place to find potential partner ! Ha-ha-ha-ha !!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Gue ada kisah cinta luka dgn komuter ni. Seremban sentiasa dalam kenangan. Isk..isk..isk

  3. hi lizzam

    enjoy reading ur entries..

    love komuter and putra riding. got to meet lots of ppl – beautiful, weird,stinks, yuckys and obnoxious (never met someone i knew tho). the only thing tht i missed driving to work was my unperturbed reading time..

  4. anonymous(i actually hate typing this word cause it’s not only long, but hard to spell, especially for someone you won’t tell you their name…no offense t you,dear writer, just expressing my feeling), hope its not you whom i mentioned in my post…

    maya, i feel you!i used to start a novel on monday and finish it by the weekend. now, driving, spent the same amount of time reading bumper and windshield stickers, plate numbers, singing on top of my lungs to the radio…