Got Virus?

I was attacked by a virus. It usually attacks salary slaves like me beginning 15th to the 1st week of the following month. Also attacks students at the end of the semester and before they got their loans. This virus attacks your wallet, your bank account, your coin compartment in your vehicle, and even your tabung buloh, tabung ayam or tabing tin milo.

No vaccine found yet, nor there’s a cure. Some say they have found the cure, but it doesn’t work on everybody. Temporary treatment for instant relief is called Caniborrowsomemoney-Illpayyouwhenigotmygaji treatment. The success rate depends on how often you undergo this treatment. The more frequent you went for it, the less chance of success.

As a result, I didn’t manage to join my friends from Japan to watch Afdlin Shauki’s Why You Still Fat Standup Comedy Show…sobs


4 responses to “Got Virus?”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    in my opinion,the symptoms leads to the conclusion that its most likely caused by bacterial infection,rather than viral.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i’ll say its a predominantly neuro-shenaptics that travels in the prion form infection…. it is known to be contagious but does not run in the family…

    Speaking of virus… if anyone has a virus in their mail which are send by me…. be advised, they are not sent by me… its some sort of spyware that infects the pc here.. and keeps sending the virus to anyone who are in my yahoo phonebook…. period… now dont sue me. ๐Ÿ™

  3. reen…
    i can understand your post with you being a medical student.

    you too? Stick with codes. sedar diri tu budak IT…hehe

    or…maybe you two should meet…hmm?

  4. blurryreen Avatar

    kaz,prion form infection?u dont actually mean that do u?next thing we know,u’ll be suggesting that its caused by aspergillus fumigatus..hehe

    zam,no harm in IT student reading up on medicine..