Mosquito Lai La!

So long no post…

First of all I’d like to brag about my Japanese friends’ picture that was posted on afdlin shauki’s blog. Well, it’s not everyday when a well known person takes your artwork and post it in his/hers blog, especially when that person is someone whom you adore. So let my nostrils flare up for a while.Hins…Hins…

I was thinking of posting something for the last couple of days, each and everytime I was Flashing, Photoshopping, 3DS Maxxing, After Effecting, or Premiering at work. There’s always something to write there and then. Alas, when i reached home and went online, I became extremely lazy. So, I thought i’ll just post my blog when my PC’s rendering 500 frames for 4 hours.

Actually, the truth is, I had a concussion. I tried to kill a mosquito that made a pit stop on my forehead with my 17″ Samsung monitor. The mosquito somehow manage to do a rope-a-dope and I end up bashing my forehead 27 times. The next thing I know i am writing this post. Time seems to fly when you’re not concious.

You can choose which version of my story you like. No mosquitos were hurt in the making of this post. By the way, I wonder what other use of mosquito in the ecology other than to spread diseases and annoy?


2 responses to “Mosquito Lai La!”

  1. kesiannya that nyamuk..
    you are so kejam when you unconcious..

  2. mosquito has no really useful role for us humans….

    but for the ecological system… well its role is lowering the count of dangerous species that is a threat to Mother Nature…
    and that most dangerous species of all is “Homo Sapiens” if u know what i meant… hahaha