I was shocked. I paused from wearing my socks and looked up. He was talking to me, it seems. I gave him a puzzled look.

“Lega, dah solat Zohor,” Obviously he’s also good at reading faces. “Kalau belum solat rasa tak selesa je…Bukan lama, 5 minit je.”

I gave him a faint smile. I was touched by the simple words that came out of his mouth. He smiled back and starts toward the Surau’s door. I continued putting on my socks and shoes. I looked up at him.

He’s gone.

I hurried to the door hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Alas, he’s nowhere to be seen. I felt uneasy. Was that a ‘sign’? Was that a reminder for all the crooked pillars in my life? Was that to show all the simple things I took for granted? Or was it because I was not thankful enough for all that have given to me?

Then something caught my eye….

…there he is…

…paying the cashier for the karipap he bought…

Oh, its lunch time already…no wonder…

[True story…happened last saturday to me. No karipap were hurt in the making of this post.]


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