What if…..? #1

What if you have total freedom to choose what you wear? No religious concern, no society concern , no nothing at all. You can wear anything to do anything and no one would care. Yep, you heard me right…anything. From elaborate Queen Amidala’s clothing to kinky 2-piece bikinis to ..well.. simply nothing at all.

So here’s what some people are willing to undisclose to me. But seriously, I know most of them are downright SHY to show off their true colours…As this is the 1st of the What If…? series, that can be excused. Next time would be more interesting.

I think I’d compile all these and write a book.

I’ll name it “Stale Chicken Soup For the Soul – This Book no Avian Flu One…”

This is what they’ll wear to:

  1. Work
  2. A date
  3. Dinner
  4. Go Shopping

bikini for all the above [love to see that, honey]

Cawat for all 4. [u and Yasmin’ll look like cavemen when dating…ugh!ugh!ugh!]

———————————————————————-urban_dream85 rAtnArEhA
pakaian yang meyakinkan [wtf?]


  1. Work – Formal Dress
  2. A date – kemeja & Seluar Slack.
  3. Dinner – kemeja & Seluar Slack.
  4. Go Shopping – kemeja & Seluar Slack.

[I pity those who see you everyday…but knowing you, I’ll survive]


  1. Work – aku pakai tshirt dgn jeans
  2. A date – kene tutup la beb
  3. Dinner – aku ikut fesyen semasa org pakai,haha
  4. Go Shopping – pakai yg safety ckitla,takde poket cane nak bwk wallet..kene rompak kang

::kesimpulannye>>aku ni malu la nak jln2 pakai spender je..
[Yeah right, coming from someone who have to chose which underwear that suits his hair]


  1. Work – track suit
  2. A Date – t shirt n kain pelikat
  3. Dinner – track suit
  4. Go Shopping – track suit

addition: aku nak pakai pakaian yg aku tak payah gosok yg tak payah basuh [uhuh…]

kalo org tak kisah.. aku paling nak pakai yang baju perisai ala2 rome tu..

  1. Work – baju perisai… siap helmet trojan…
  2. Dinner – pakai selimut jer.. balut satu badan
  3. A Date – aku pakai cam badut…siap ade hidong merah ngan rambot merah…tapi storm trooper pun best gak…nak tukar leh?
  4. Go Shopping – pakai spendar jer… senang nak sarung baju / suar baru… huhuhu

[you can’t be serious wearing a metal armour to work…nanti kena karan!]


  1. Work – uniform askar
  2. A date – bogel,
  3. Dinner – uniform bomba
  4. Go Shopping – pakai baju pompuan

[I understand about what you wear to a date, but why firemen uniform for dinner?]

——————————————————————————jejaka impian

  1. Work – underware,
  2. A date – tak pakai ape,
  3. Dinner – batik tak pakai underware,
  4. Go Shopping – kasut jer

[I totally agree with the dating and dinner part]
——————————————————————————[No Name]

  1. Work – pakai kimono
  2. A date – pakai miniskirt
  3. Dinner – nak pakai baju ala2 princess zaman dulu2.. skirt kembang2 ngan topi besar
  4. Go Shopping – pakai swimmingsuit sbb sng takyah tanggal baju, masuk jek

[I didn’t get your name but if I go to your office I’ll just ask “ala….mamat yang pakai kimono tuh…”]

——————————————————————————nina eowyn

  1. Work – tshirt & jeans;
  2. A date – casual;
  3. Dinner – t-shirt & jeans;
  4. Go Shopping – tshirt&jeans

[you look cute whatever you wear, girl…hehehe]


  1. Work – formal wearla br nampak elegent..tak nak bogel2..nanti takleh beza bos ngan org bawah
  2. A date – yg paling seksi gitu..ala2 paris hilton.. biar bopren aku tau aku lebih marvellous dr halle berri…
  3. Dinner – ala2 celebs hollywoodla ..tak tau ah nak kate bj ape..kalo makan malam tu utk kenduri arwah pakai bj kurung ler…or else..hey makan malam kat umah ker luar..? kat umah pkai ler yg paling senag bernafas..
  4. Go Shopping – pakai mini skirt+spagetti gitu….nak try baju & suar pun senag..

[who in the hell is halle berri? Ribena berri’s advert actor?]

Work – still formal clothing[need to have professional look]
The rest – hari2 pakai pj..senang.

[Anything you wear looks like your (sister’s) pyjamas…too small for you…hehe…]

As a conclusion I’d have to say: Nobody dared to wear anything near what the 80’s Rock Bands wore those days…

Photos taken without permission from the Visitor.


2 responses to “What if…..? #1”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    yeah yeah zam[rolling my eyes towards the heaven],i know whatever i wear will look like my sister’s pj..but who cares?i love it,and guys love it as well.cant complaint,aight cuz?

  2. yeah…guys are pervert since birth….me included…just lucky I know you…or I might “cuci mata” looking at you…and your sister’s pyjamas.

    your family sends their regards