Beauty And The Bis…kut

King Kong and Ann Darrow

Dr. Gregory House and Dr Allison Cameron

Juliana Banos and Mokhtar Ahmad (hmmm…he’s okay… still cute, and rich)

and many more…(can’t write here due to several obvious reasons)

It seems that women have shown how un-superficial they are in choosing their partners nowadays. Gone are the days where the prom queen meets the linebacker or striker, the model meets the actor/actress, and so on and so forth.

This is actually normal for the normal harry and sally, minah and mamat, awang and dayang.. but when the limelight shines upon them, people tend to chose those who is a picture-perfect match for them.

On my side,THE GUYS, however, the story is different. As I said, there are cases in the normal guys like you and me (maybe?)…but for the personalities, they only choose the best looking. yes, I am generalising. But guys, shouldn’t we also go for substance like the women do, and not just superficial value?

It is tempting for us men to have the best soul partner, be it as in best looking or as in most sporting person. but the latter is usually the second choice. And if the guy did chose the bride for the latter reason, he may still be eyeing for the beauty. Can’t we guys look past the skin?

I know I can’t do it 100%…(:p)

So guys, beauty within, or beauty without? Or are you still looking for the Perfect One?

An Ah So (a chinese elderly which also traslates to auntie) became a potential road bully this morning. With no signal whatsoever, on a busy road, she just switch lane with me right beside her. I had to slam on the brakes, only to see her returning to the lane she’s using earlier 3 seconds later. I wondered why did she switch lane in the first place. It’s true then, that how bersopan santun Malaysians are, they become a devil when put behind wheels.

Saw an accident with a female casualty. Still am feeling uneasy about the sight of her frail hand jutting from the cardboard box used to cover her body. Seeing the gold ring on her hand immediately made me thinking of my girlfriend. She sometimes wear her gold ring on her right hand the poor woman. I don’t know exactly what happened.

Oh please God, don’t let anything too bad happen to those I love.


2 responses to “Beauty And The Bis…kut”

  1. eh.. house tu tak sweet ke lizzam?
    sweet la sket kan? heehee..

  2. i wouldnt consider him sweet…but i like his approach…just that i’m not in the position to be THAT honest…my idol…