NotPron, claimed to be the hardest puzzle over the net, is what I’m playing to fill my time right now. Essentially it’s only a series of websites and you need to find ways to go to the next site. Clues are given in many form, from directly showing the clues, to digging external files. And to go to the next websites (or levels) is not a point and click thingy. so don’t go around and click every pixel on the monitor on every level. basic HTML knowledge helps very much.

So here’s a walkthrough for my own use. If you’re playing NotPron and would not cheat, please d not waste time to decipher the simple code I’m writing. but if you think that you’re stuck and need help, then go on..


  1. Simple starter: just click on the door
  2. 2 ways; 1. change the address to …/level3.htm or 2. press TAB untill the hidden button on the knob is highlighted and press ENTER
  3. Change the address to …/true/gototheothersite.htm
  4. Look at the drawer under the lamp and you’ll see some dashes and dots. those are morse code and translates to “voodoo” and “power”. Click on the clock and write ‘voodoo’ as Username and ‘power’ as password (sans the inverted commas). be sure to try several times as sometimes it may be a bit buggy.
  5. Highlight the whole page (click CTRL+A) and you can see there’s a line written “eyes like an angel smiles like a devil”. Do a google search and you’ll find that it’s a line from a song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (the cd on the table gives the hint) named Simple Songs. Click the red button on the remote and type ‘simple’ and ‘songs’ as username and password respectively.
to be continued…