Spare Segan Strike Tak Mahu

Today, another confession.

AKU MENYEDUT MAIN BOWLING! (I suck at bowling!)

As suggested by the title above, my score sheet, and my team’s position…I hereby affirm my incompetence in bowling. But I may be an underdog, who is yet to find the aspiration from a dedicated ‘Guru’…who knows? Anyway, although I menyedut in playing bowling, until my fingers can’y hold the ball anymore (litterally, I dropped the ball after some muscle snapped on my last game), it didn’t stop me from taking pictures…enjoy…

p/s: I don’t feel like posting serious thoughts nowadays…even funny ones. I’m not in the mood, it seems…

6 responses to “Spare Segan Strike Tak Mahu”

  1. hahahahahahahah ! i like one with me, taufik, razi & ajis.. the one you said the manager is the one in brown.. hahahahahah.. i like that!

  2. weh… get some tutelage from Ben,,.. he is currently lokpi, leputt, faiz and my very og ‘Guru’ Bowling

  3. nina: haha…glad u like it.I like yours, the one that afdlin enterframed..serius I tak perasan!

    kaz: jangan puji ben lebih2, kutuk takpe kot, pasal nanti dia eksyen lebih2…kalau dia dah eksyen…susah woo..haha

  4. ahhem,. saye ni main bowling tak hebatlaa, tapi boleh laa carik makan. saya selalu kalah main bowling, tapi nak cube boleh sahaja,


  5. i’m da manager!!!
    he still in training prgrm..
    so..he might be da “potential guy”..
    -the manager-

  6. lutfi: heh, ngegeh kauk.auk, mun dah ajak, apa salahnya, kamek nangga dulu bila sik da apa-apa.

    the manager: after this, youll be like “wax on, wax off” – Mr Miyagi (the late Pat Morita) in Karate Kid