I’m thinking of having my hair cut. You see, I have this thick, wavy (almost being curly) hair. So when it thickens, the scalp receives less moisture, as they’re absorbed by the hairs, thus resulting in dandruffs and oily skin.

I’ve tried to moisurize the scalp using baby oil, and even the famous Minyak Zam-Zam (hey, it rhymes with my name!). It does prevent dry scalp symptoms, but it triggers my face to produce oil as well, and inducing acne, zits and pimples. If only I could sell the oil, I’d be rich!

So I’m contemplating the new style I should try. This new hairstyle should be able to stay in it’s form up untill a month or so, since I’m not in a position to go to a salon every week. Here’s the line of thought I did in front of the mirror:

  1. Emo Style : Since I’m listening (and screaming loudly in the car) to My Chemical Romance, I thought of trying this hair style. It, however would not last long as my hair is not long and straight. Starch will only hold it for so long and using Super Glue may make the hair too sharp and hurt me everytime I turn my head.
  2. Carrot Top : Still influenced by My Chemical Romance, but this time it’s not by Gerard Way (vocals) but Ray Toro (guitar). Or maybe it’s the Carrot Top himself whom I’m influenced by. Still, this hairstyle would only worsen my scalp, so no can do.
  3. Carrot Top 2 : but to increase airflow and moisture to my scalp, I could just tie my hair. However should I need to ride a bus or LRT or a Komuter during it’s peak hours, I would have to rinse my hair in Dettol, since God knows how many passenger’s mouth could be accidentally stuffed with my hair.
  4. Mohawk : Now, this one may provide proper exposure of my scalp to air and moisture. However, I’m not going to scratch the roof of My using my own hair. Scrap this one too.
  5. Afro : I’ve been thinking of going afro since I was younger. However, although the headroom in My is spacious enough to fit my hair, the rear view mirror would be blocked entirely, and this is dangerous.
  6. Edward Scissorhands : I have just watched the movie last friday, and the hairdo was cool! Similar to the afro I could just stow away my belongings in in my hair, and it would never be lost. I wouln’t be suprised if a pirated VCD/DVD peddler comes to you, offerring VCDs/DVDs from his hair. So to support local entertainment industry I disapprove this style.

In the end… I just go for the easiest style to do, and this would save me haircut cost for about 2 months!

Who knows, I might even get some cash out of this style…


15 responses to “Hair Cut”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    zam,penang General Hospital ni sebelah je dgn penjara penang..kira normal la utk nampak prisoners and warden penjara tu kt hospital ni,dlm ward or clinic..and they have the exact same hairstyle as u chose.coincidence?i dont think so..

  2. weh!aku cadangkan ko wat stail yg carrot top 2 tu..sesuai la ngan bentuk muke ko yg melintang tu!muke ko akan nmpk lebih balance ngan kehadiran 2 pemberat tu..haha!!nice..

  3. you should have gone with carrot top 2. It brings out your eyes..


  4. reen: that’s the thing. I was offered to play Scofield in Prison Break, but I had to turn them down since they refused to let me eat belacan during the shoot.

    fauzie: memang la aku stabil, tapi bila aku toleh je dlm komuter yang padat, semua orang kat sekeliling aku kena diving menyelamatkan diri

    edd vedder: my eyes?now that’s a first…haha

  5. ahhem. kalau aku cakap hang bodoh, hang marah tak?

    by the way to the moon… rambut mychemicalromen ko tuh nice.. mcm sualll

  6. lutfi: ko tak nak buat?baru mathcing dgn bibir mungil ko…

  7. how much does it take for u to shave on “i love chloe” on the back of your head? =P

  8. ko nak carik gaduh ek? ehheheh. prank terbaru. tengok blog aku.

  9. xyah susah2… ko brani x wat rambut cam sekolah menengah (spesifik mase form2) dulu.. haahhah.. lame xtengok doh… ko nak aku emelkan x?

  10. chloe: Oh, that would be redundant. If you look carefully at my face you can see that “I Love Chloe” is written all over it!

    lutfi: nak gaduh ke? I don’t care what you care, I don’t care why you care?

    zulkaplye: yang lentik sebelah kiri tu ke..haha…kena tunggu aku ada rambut balik la…

  11. eh apa benda kat belakang kepala? flat screen tv ke? boleh tengok bola? so takyah gi kedai mamak? boleh lepak belakang kepala you je la ek?


  12. fuyooo…

    gaya rambut afundeeeek mawi. mwahahaha

  13. ha, rambut lentik kiri ko tu… ade lg kan gamba tu.. post ar kasi sume org tgk… hahaha. gamba aku xyah la..

  14. cik PMS: kalau la ada mamat afro dok depan u kat kedai mamak sampai cover 5/6 skrin tv..mesti mamat tu balik dengan rambut bau teh tarik atau kari.

    kaki cucuk langit: ceh! asal ada orang cukur rambut mata satu je…Mawi. takde orang lain ke.

    al-fatihah di atas kematian bapa Mawi

    kaplye:haha…kang aku siap post gamba ko skali kang…nasib baik takde gamba “insiden jatuh longkang sampai budak2 tak jadi gaduh” ko..

  15. hoh.. jgn disebut peristiwa jth longkang tu.. kurang2 aku pendamai doh… weh, post gmba tu kat emel aku… aku lost ar gmba tu. “Suzy” kan dah mati