Suicidal Weekend

I’ve been very tensed these couple of days. It started on Friday evening, and lasted till today. On Saturday evening, the stress doubled, and today, I have a headache. Not yet a fullblown migraine, or, God forbid, any serious brain related illness, though.

And the result?

Since the stress started, I have more than 10 near misses, most of it due to me driving in stress. Had I not be as so lucky, or as skillful driver, My would have several dents or I would be typping this from a hospital ward, provided there’s Internet and provided that I’m able to type.

Really, I have to say, Don’t Stress and Drive

p/s: I missed the gathering in PD, due to foreseen circumstances.I’m sorry to my friends, due to my absense. I hoped you guys had a better weekend than me.


6 responses to “Suicidal Weekend”

  1. Cik PMS: Well, what to do. you have to put priorities in life.

    sani : tak ramai pun, aku missed jugak. aku la yang tak pegi tu…

    mafiaries :tak baik la…kang derang lak yang tensen nak layan aku