Suicidal Weekend

I’ve been very tensed these couple of days. It started on Friday evening, and lasted till today. On Saturday evening, the stress doubled, and today, I have a headache. Not yet a fullblown migraine, or, God forbid, any serious brain related illness, though.

And the result?

Since the stress started, I have more than 10 near misses, most of it due to me driving in stress. Had I not be as so lucky, or as skillful driver, My would have several dents or I would be typping this from a hospital ward, provided there’s Internet and provided that I’m able to type.

Really, I have to say, Don’t Stress and Drive

p/s: I missed the gathering in PD, due to foreseen circumstances.I’m sorry to my friends, due to my absense. I hoped you guys had a better weekend than me.


6 responses to “Suicidal Weekend”

  1. what happened?
    la.. penat letak post sebulan in advance, tak pegi PD??
    tsk tsk tsk.

  2. riLeks ya my fren…tak ramai pon pi…

  3. yo bro..naper nih?
    g gym ngan nina g..
    tak pun, g kacau pye honneymoon ker..
    take care bro!

  4. Cik PMS: Well, what to do. you have to put priorities in life.

    sani : tak ramai pun, aku missed jugak. aku la yang tak pegi tu…

    mafiaries :tak baik la…kang derang lak yang tensen nak layan aku

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