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  • Unemployed No More

    After almost a week of being unemployed, I’m starting my new job at an MNC in Damansara. The unemployment was actually planned, as I want some time off off work. It was a miscalculation on my part for doing it on fasting month, before Raya. I don’t really have problems with the ethnicity of my […]

  • Sorry…

    It’s hard to sleep,even to close the eye, when you know,you’ve made a heart cry; caged unlike,the freedom of birds, Sorry aint enough,and i’m out of words

  • Final Approach #2

    I didn’t enjoy our meet last night. After weeks of anticipation, she actually disappoints me. I had to weight down all variables in our planned connection, but all in vain. Even when I compromise some of my preference for her, it’s still not worth it. In the end, I backed away I’m sorry Gee, but […]

  • Final Approach #1

    This is it. The calm before the storm. Actually that phrase is not quite accurate. It should be the panic before the storm. Right now, at this very last moment, I’m just being sceptical. Will this work, or will she disappoint me? Will she be the one for me? I saw her first last week. […]

  • Down

    Down Down Down DownLower Than The GroundWanting To ReboundWanting To Turn It AroundWhile Am Safe And SoundBut Am Tied And BoundSo I Will Still Be DownUntil My Heart Is Found

  • Pickpocketeer

    Before I start my story, I’d like to set up some background. Several years ago, a friend of mine was boarding a Komuter to her sister’s house. As she was about to step into the Komuter, a group of Indonesians, flocked behind her as if there’s a crowd tring to enter the train. This has […]

  • Freebies Galore!

    I’m supposed to write this on Sunday, but was so busy re-arranging my room (that took me about 8 hours to finish), that I was too exhausted to write anything. But since the sole purpose of this post, is to brag, so I guess it’s not too late, hehe… Saturday starts like any other day […]

  • Nice Guys Finish Last

    I have a gripe about women. You all know, how much women would love to blame us men about us using the word love to gain access to ‘backstage VIP passes’ to the ladies’ lives, body and belongings, if you know what I mean. Yes, it’s true. Both the fact that women are pretty gullible […]

  • 3rd Nov – My Open House

    Herewith I’m inviting all to my open house on the 3rd of November (Saturday). It’ll be held from 2pm till evening, but if you’d prefer to come at night, please do call first. Feel free to bring along friends and families. Herewith I attach a map to my house. There’s 2 preferable ways to get […]

  • I'm Single, Available and Affordable…

    I’ve deleted 10 comments, not because of their racism content, but since it did not relate with my post at all. I don’t know how it got here in the first place, but let’s just assume it’s a technical error on Google’s side. I kept the comments, however, should I feel like writing about it […]