Category: My First Times

  • Freebies Galore!

    I’m supposed to write this on Sunday, but was so busy re-arranging my room (that took me about 8 hours to finish), that I was too exhausted to write anything. But since the sole purpose of this post, is to brag, so I guess it’s not too late, hehe… Saturday starts like any other day […]

  • My First Times #2

    My first time… …jatuh pokok (asked by Intan) Once, in primary school, during recess, my friends and I resorted to our usual spot behind the class building under a tree. I don’t remember why, but we started climbing the tree. Somehow, that day I learnt something scientific: BATA shoes don’t have the proper grip to […]

  • My First Times #1

    My First time… …ngorat awek (asked by Intan) I can’t really be sure of the first time I really flirted. I’ve had crushes, but it remained as that. Being the nerdy thick-specks-and-a-screwdriver-in-the-pocket kid of person I dare not flirt as at first. And I don’t think that passing love letters is a way of flirting. […]

  • I need your help

    I am thinking of writing a list of “My First Times”. It’s actually just a compedium of short stories of my first time doing something. But I was dumbfounded thinking what should I write. Care to give me a list on things I (may) have done, so I can write how was my first time […]