My First Times #2

My first time…

…jatuh pokok (asked by Intan)

Once, in primary school, during recess, my friends and I resorted to our usual spot behind the class building under a tree. I don’t remember why, but we started climbing the tree. Somehow, that day I learnt something scientific:

BATA shoes don’t have the proper grip to to step on a stump.

What happens next is history. Oh, I think I should mention that I scarred my chin in the process, and my teacher did blackmail me by offering to “clean the wound” using a paper cutter.

…jumpa afdhlin (asked by Intan)

First off, it’s Afdlin, not Afdhlin

The first tme I saw Afdlin face to face was when we had an Iftar (breaking fast) session in Bangsar, about a year ago. My first thought was, “damn…he’s BIG”. i don’t mean big as in fat, but he seems to have a big frame as well.

And oh, this happened just after an incident when I (unknowingly) said that i ASSUMED that his wife was NOT a Muslim during an argument session in his blog. This was because
A) When I like an artist, I don’t usually care about his/her personal life. I like an artist as an artist, no more, no less, and
B) How should I know the name Christina Orow belongs to his wife!??

…keje overtime/weekend (asked by Intan)

Technically, I have never worked overtime, since working overtime needs to be compensated with some kind of payment. I just worked and went back late ๐Ÿ™

…dapat first paycheck (asked by Lynn)

My first paycheck was during my University years, when I worked at Jusco Bukit Raja. Actually, it only lasted 1 week, due to me reading the roster wrong, and coming on the wrong shifts. I haven’t since set foot on that particular store section.

…rasa dh akil baligh (hahaa!) (asked by Nina)

Well, although I had reached puberty earlier, it wasn’t official until the ‘dream’, I guess. So, if you think your gut can’t withstand the puke-inducing description, do not continue. I won’t be held responsible to clean your monitor, keyboard, and any item effected by your puke.

I had a dream, with Siti Nurhaliza, from the wedding reception, straight to the “First Night”. And this was in 1998, so no Datuk K at that time, just Zamani Slam. Had several others since, including friends. so I won’t delve more into the matter, since I might face a lawsuit for wrongful imagination…hehe


6 responses to “My First Times #2”

  1. btw lizzam, the iftar was not in Bangsar. it was in Sri Hartamas :).. i was there remember? u dok memalu kt hujung meja, remember?


  2. wlady : bangsar dengan hartamas lain ek…huhuhu…

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    eeeuuuwwww Sitiiii???

    nasib baik perut i kosong.

  4. anon : huuu…nasib baik..kalau tak kena ganti keyboard/monitor baru…kalau muntah kat dpn pc la

  5. Bangsar and Hartamas lain la… but two most happening places la, hehe.

    Oh, and I agree about the ‘over time’ bit. You go back late to finish up your work but that doesn’t mean you get extra pay.

    Where I work, executives are not eligible for overtimes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. lynn : hehe…excuse me, my driving license alamat labuan…hehe

    about the OT, in some company, the bosses ada OT, tapi mid class worker takde…huhu…company besar lak tu…