My First Times #1

My First time…

…ngorat awek (asked by Intan)

I can’t really be sure of the first time I really flirted. I’ve had crushes, but it remained as that. Being the nerdy thick-specks-and-a-screwdriver-in-the-pocket kid of person I dare not flirt as at first. And I don’t think that passing love letters is a way of flirting. Flirting is more of an actual action in real time.

So I think I first flirted during a bus ride to Klang from KL, for the weekend, when i was in form 2 or 3. I saw this girl, from another SBP (by the batik kurung she’s wearing) standing by me in the overly packed bus. I was either bored, or experimenting, so I tried to think of a line to initiate a chat.

I noticed her bag’s zipper was ajar so I mentioned it to her. So there, the hard part’s done. next thing we know, we were chatting away as cautiously as an IRC chatter would chat to one another. Only later did I realize, when I called her up (yes, I got her number), that she is capable of saying only 1 word in the whole duration of the 20 sen public phone call (She’s in the same district, so that was quite like, forever).

Have progressed better since, from impersonating as a UM student when I was in form 4 to chat with a group of girls (best gak bila budak ATPN tak kenal aku, Intan), to an attempted courting session with a mother of one, and a stranger, of whom I approached by saying “Jom sarapan sama (Join me for breakfast)?”.

…ada awek (asked by Intan)

I was late in getting into a relationship. My first, was and is my current girlfriend. She was my fascilitator, during the induction week (we called it MSM) in my Uni. She’s 3 years older, and was in her final years at that time. In fact, I was (self-proclaimed) the first freshies to go on a date, and that’s DURING the MSM.

…ilang awek (asked by Intan)

Once, I was trying to contact my girlfriend, but to no avail. I went in front of her block (we’re free to linger under any block as male’s and female’s were scattered), to see her room dark, and curtains shut.

I tried again, to call her, but failed. I SMSed her, but it went pending. I was dumbfounded. I asked around, of her whereabouts, to her friends at the cafe, but none knew. I’ve another 20 hours before I can lodge a police report, so I kept my calm.

Only later that night, did she contact me. Actually, she went to her relative’s house, and since she had no credit, she left a note with a frined of hers, who forgotten all about it. Oh, and her handphone’s battery died on her too.

Is this the ‘ilang awek‘ story you want, Intan?

…driving (asked by Lynn)

I was actually forced to learn to drive, by my brother. I was petrified. I don’t want to die at 14, I thought. And so, after being lectured to deaf and getting the hang of taking a corner, My brother left the car, and let me and my cousin (biras kira cousin ke?) drive around the housing area for a while. It’s only after I narrowly parked the car under a lorry did we went home. Don’t worry, am so much better now.

…curik duit (asked by Nina)

I don’t remember ever directly stealing money before, if you’d discount not paying in full/at all of my transport fares. But I’ve stolen stuff before. The earliest I could remember, was during primary years, before I move out to Klang. I stole a M.A.S.K figurine from my neighbour. I didn’t steal the Thunderhawk car (the good guy’s boss’ car, the one that can fly) though, since it would be too obvious.


8 responses to “My First Times #1”

  1. my 1st time curik duit wa my late grandma money when i was 5.. 50 sen only (but big value during that time..) i paid her already & apologise.. huhuhuh…

  2. wlady : huhu…mesti time tu nak beli jajan…takpun cekelat or sekerim…

    WAB : she’s the one commenting above u, under the name wlady

  3. salam bro,
    i was wonderin when u said bout budak ATPN
    what ATPN mean?
    is it the ATPN beside the ATDI?
    actually i was wonder if u r ex-ATDI ๐Ÿ˜€
    sorry to bother

  4. Joy : exactly! you're right on both occasion. I'm ex ATDI batch 1996-2000. are you?

    i see that you're in MMU. good luck!

  5. hahaha
    senior 2 thn rupenye
    im ATDI batch 98-00
    slh sorg jr yg wanted
    slalu dipggil pjg, kudik, galah, oi n memacam lg ar :))
    no wonder muke mcm familiar je :-j

    seems like u know things bout mmu
    thankz bro!
    have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. 98-00?spm tahun brapa? hurm…kena recall balik ni…ramai jr yang dah lupa muka nih

  7. haha
    spm dh x dok hostel ๐Ÿ˜€
    f1-f3 je kt ATDI
    dlu skola kt cochrane f1-f3
    pastu tuka BB f4-f5