Unemployed No More

After almost a week of being unemployed, I’m starting my new job at an MNC in Damansara.

The unemployment was actually planned, as I want some time off off work. It was a miscalculation on my part for doing it on fasting month, before Raya.

I don’t really have problems with the ethnicity of my colleagues, apart from the language. In my team, all except me are Chinese. So unless they converse in English, I won’t be able to understand. Will have to learn Mandarin ASAP, I guess.

The workplace is a bit different from what I’m used to. But this is part of what I want, after all. While I don’t mind a change once in a while, It’ll still take of some time to adjust.

So now, while they set up my system, I’m stuck with an empty work station, and a phone.

Luckily I have 3G!


3 responses to “Unemployed No More”

  1. All the best dude! I wonder what’s happening to your former employer?

  2. selamat maju jaya

  3. ashfufzz : I’m not that sure though. What I know is my place is already filled. By someone with a similar name summore. If I’m still there, there would be 2 Fikris and 2 Zams.

    pye : Thanks bro!