Before I start my story, I’d like to set up some background. Several years ago, a friend of mine was boarding a Komuter to her sister’s house. As she was about to step into the Komuter, a group of Indonesians, flocked behind her as if there’s a crowd tring to enter the train. This has made her suspicious, so she quickly grabbed a seat.

But then, she realized that her handbag was open. One of her handphones was lost! She panicked, and do not know what to do. And to add spice to the story, her then boyfriend called, and I don’t know why, the Indonesian answered. Her sister’s husband called too, and they answered. It’s a pity that my friend panicked, she may have nabbed the culprit, who was just in the next coach.

After that incident, I took extra precautions in large crowds. I took some before, but now, I know more about them, to add another layer of precaution, to guard myself and those around me.

Just several hours prior to writing this post, I was on the Komuter en route home from work. I chose to stand near the door, since it’s the best place to lean. at KL Sentral, a group of foreigners, boarded the Komuter. Then, I noticed a guy, tailing them, extremely close, as if there’s a crowd at the back, or as if there’s no more space in the train.

I watched him, confused, and instinctively, I eyed his hand. It seems that, he had 1 of his hands, in the pocket of 1 of the foreigners. Without thinking much (it seems that I don’t think much in situations like this), I patted the guys’ back.

Let’s call the guy The Culprit.

I guess the Culprit is either new in the pickpocketeering business, or that he is a bit edgy. Right after I patted him, he simply shrugged, and showed both his hands, as if to show he’s not doing anything.

Suspicious? You betcha!

At this time, I wasn’t too sure, that it was his hand in the foreigner’s pocket. Maybe it’s just me. So I looked at him up and down, sizing him up. I have no evidence, but I am suspicious of him. What did he do? He just walked out of the train, and waited at the other side of the platform.

Okay. Maybe he’s humiliated that he was accused of pickpocketting, but if I were in his shoes, I would’ve just stayed on the train, and if I remain a suspect, I will fight for it. Leaving the train, just like that, just means that I have caught you red-handed, and I saw your face, so beware.

Just last week, A guy lost his handphone or wallet, and was making a fuss in the train.I was oogling at a cute girl so I did not see what happen, but I guess, it’s the same guy. I did look at all the faces on around me and the victim, but I saw nobody acting suspicious.

Unluckily, I did not get a snapshot of the culprit, or did I catch him red handed. I did stop him, but it was just temporary. Next time, I’ll be prepared. Let’s just hope I’m not the victim…

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4 responses to “Pickpocketeer”

  1. Well, I sure can’t beat your experience losing car seats, of all things.

    But I’d rather stand in a crowded komuter, with hopes that a cute gal would stand beside me, than to brave the jammed roads for an hour an a half.