This is a cool movie. And when the movie says that it’s an Ironman movie, the focus is 100% on Ironman. No side story about some grey villain, or sad relatives. Nothing but Tony Stark, the millionaire turn superhero, whose ego sometimes seems to surpass his righteousness.

Kind of the opposite of Bruce Wayne, I suppose.

I like this movie, because of all the actions, the witty lines, and the jokes, but I love it more when it shows how Tony transforms to Ironman. That scene itself makes the film a must watch for me.

The beginning is kind of draggy, but not without actions. Maybe I was just can’t wait to see Ironman in the flesh metal. But when he did show, I just feel that the actions, especially the final bout, is too short. Sure, they provided and reminded us why that scene has to be that short, but hey, we want more.

Another thing about this movie that got me in stitches, either deliberate joke or a bad design, is that the villains like to keep their “top secret” files, either on the desktop (e.g X-Men II), or in an easily accessible location. And to make it more interesting, all those files and folders are named in their respective codenames, or simply named “top secret”. Ironman added another level, showing an unprotected folder named “Top Secret”, and “Ultra Secret”.

I slapped my forehead so loud that the girl in front of me turned around during that scene.

All in all, it’s a good introduction to Ironman, since while easily recognised worldwide, He’s not wuite a favourable superhero, as much as Batman or Superman, especially in Malaysia. With this introduction a done deal, we shall be expecting more action in the sequel.

As for the depth of character, I guess, there’s nothing much more to say, unless you’d want to make him more troubled and miserable like Spidey.

If you can take your mind off logic and realism for about 2 hours, go watch.