Not to be confused with the previous post, this post is about a Malaysian who was nominated as one of the top ten most influential person on Earth, by Time magazine.

Upon writing this, I’m having mixed feelings.

I’m feeling proud, that this is a true blue Malaysian achievement recognised by the world.

I’m not feeling proud, as I read this from a blog post, not on the front page of any newspaper. And to add salt to this insult, It’s from from a blog which was never about the news, but more like a ranting session of a hyperactive Mensa candidate. Yes, she’s a “99th percentile”, but as I recall, mines higher than hers…hah!


5 responses to “Iron-Man”

  1. OI!



    (will come back with a more decipherable, scathing and witty response as soon as I’m not so hopped up on caffeine.)

  2. ..and as soon as I finish reading today’s edition of the Financial Daily and Malaysia Reserve.


  3. oh…no more Cleo? or maybe up until the time when you get your salary and can let go of the magazines you find at the lobby…

    still waiting for that response…

  4. Now that I’m sober, I have decided that indulging you in this childish squabble is beneath me, therefore I shan’t.

    I fucking don’t read Cleo la. Asshole.

  5. lalalalalla….*skipping away*