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  • Hearse carries CNY hampers for senior citizens

    According to Sin Chew Jit Poh (SCJT), compiled by The Star, a hearse was used to distribute hampers for the elderly in Kulim. While the elderlies are this close to use the hearse themselves, it shouldn’t be used to celebrate a prosperous celebration. It’s kind of ironic, or maybe to remind the elderlies not to…

  • The KB Mall Incident

    Have just watched the KB Mall incident in Youtube. while the tragedy is shocking and, well, tragic, I am more pissed off to the commenters on Youtube who don’t seem to handle brain activity very well. With profanities found in every other word, and comments with the IQ quality of 4 (less than the requirement…

  • Slap

    A slap on the face and the police is called. How cool is that? I might change my mind when I have my own children but right now this is downright stupid.

  • Quit Horsing Around

    We don’t need FRU no more. We just call in the Pakcik on a horse. p/s : sometimes we forget how similar we are to each other

  • Ingkredibel hak

    I think this case is quite easy to spot the culprit. If there’s a road bully, school bully, or even a nightclub bouncer, who is green all over, then that’s the culprit. The thing is, catching him may be a bit of a problem, as Hollywood often prove.

  • Bad News [Updated]

    Malaysia had just lost one of her gems in the Film Industry. Yasmin Ahmad has passed away at 11.35pm yesterday (25th July 2009). She, who had brought our film industry to heights never before achieved, will surely be remembered. Al- Fatihah Now is 12.39, 24th July. The latest update that I have is as follows:…

  • An Out of This World Phenomenon

    I think this is one of the funniest explanation of the extra-terrestial phenomenon with some help of junkie wallabies. Yep. Junkie. Wallabies. Stoned Wallabies Make Australian Crop Circles. SYDNEY (Reuters) – The mystery of crop circles in poppy fields in Australia’s southern island state of Tasmania has been solved — stoned wallabies are eating the…

  • Hazy Days

    The news are reporting about the air quality in Port Klang, and that it is the first of to record unhealthy air pollution index. Now, maybe I can ask for an MC and leave town for a while? hmm.. tempting. Along the Kesas Highway At Bukit Tinggi (Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi is barely visible despite…

  • Mask

  • This News Made My Day!!

    I can’t believe how this stereotypical news can really crack me up, while making me type this in an awkward seating position. Similar to the position when I watch nuts being cracked on railings when some skaters tumble. Tuesday May 5, 2009Secretary accidentally bites off boss’ penis A SECRETARY accidentally bit off the penis of…