Hearse carries CNY hampers for senior citizens

According to Sin Chew Jit Poh (SCJT), compiled by The Star, a hearse was used to distribute hampers for the elderly in Kulim.

While the elderlies are this close to use the hearse themselves, it shouldn’t be used to celebrate a prosperous celebration. It’s kind of ironic, or maybe to remind the elderlies not to enjoy too much during the celebration.

State Women, Development and Welfare Committee chairman, Siti Aishah Ghazali, who organized the event, said she didn’t know that it’s a taboo to use a hearse like that. But the thing is, what culture allows a carriage that relates to death and sadness to be used in a festive.

She (being a Malay) sure didn’t use a Kereta Jenazah for to ferry a rombongan pengantin, or even as a decorated car (kereta berhias), right?

Maybe she didn’t have the choice, but surely, her personal car or the department’s vehicle would do the job better.