The news are reporting about the air quality in Port Klang, and that it is the first of to record unhealthy air pollution index.

Now, maybe I can ask for an MC and leave town for a while?
hmm.. tempting.

Along the Kesas Highway

At Bukit Tinggi (Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi is barely visible despite being so near.)


5 responses to “Hazy Days”

  1. standby topeng bro hahaha

  2. uhukkk uhukkkk uhukkk

    see? batuk already.

    just from reading your blog. *larikkkk

  3. pye : dah ada dah…

    Cik PMS : after this i'll write about H1N1, and we'll see how many will be quarantined just from reading my blog. *kejar*

  4. alamak lizzam kejarrr

    *lariikk larikkk lizzam nak spread selsema babiiiii

  5. ish ish.. sesaknya mata memandang, sesak lagi hidung menyedut.

    hurm hurm