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  • Fifty Seconds

    Fifty seconds to our fifty second Merdeka Celebration

  • KFC Shrink Stix

    Recently I saw this advertisement, and thought, for that price, at last they’re getting rid of that bun and replace it with something decent. So yesterday, I went for a try myself (for iftar of course). Now, why does these two things looks different? Do we have any laws against misleading advertisements? And this is […]

  • The Time Is Now:

    12:34:56, 07-08-09 Have A Nice Day

  • Down

    Down Down Down DownLower Than The GroundWanting To ReboundWanting To Turn It AroundWhile Am Safe And SoundBut Am Tied And BoundSo I Will Still Be DownUntil My Heart Is Found

  • Pickpocketeer

    Before I start my story, I’d like to set up some background. Several years ago, a friend of mine was boarding a Komuter to her sister’s house. As she was about to step into the Komuter, a group of Indonesians, flocked behind her as if there’s a crowd tring to enter the train. This has […]

  • Malaysian International Fireworks Competition

    Went to the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition yesterday at Putrajaya yesterday. It was quite a spectacle that lasted about 20 minutes, although we had to wait for almost 3 hours. And the brilliant me had to drive out to Alamanda to buy some food, resulting in me watching it from afar, rather than our reserved […]


    Awww…never thought Transformers can be so cute…. Fresh ones every Monday, so here’s something to cheer your Monday blues up!

  • Got Monday Blues Today?

    Are you in the office today? In normal office attire? Feeling the Monday Blues, like usual? Guess what? I’M NOT WORKING TODAY!!!!! Nope, not annual leave, nor a no pay leave. The Company’s on leave today… Jeles Tak?

  • Bluqube v3.0 Beta

    Hi guys, I’ve just revamped my blog, trying to achieve a cleaner looks of sorts. I’ll be updating and upgrading from time to time, so if you’re having problems reading my blog, don’t like the colors, had problems with the scriptings, etc., please do inform me by commenting here. I will take it seriously, as […]

  • Once in a Lifetime

    The Time Is Now: 01:02:03, 04/05/06 Thank you.