Final Approach #2

I didn’t enjoy our meet last night.

After weeks of anticipation, she actually disappoints me. I had to weight down all variables in our planned connection, but all in vain. Even when I compromise some of my preference for her, it’s still not worth it.

In the end, I backed away

I’m sorry Gee, but you’re just not right for me.

Just as I’m backing away, my eyes fell upon C. I guess this is like a rebound thingy, but actually, I’ve contemplated on going out with C before. Only at that time, Gee seems to suit me more.

guess what happens next? I flirted C right in front of Gee. Serves her right for giving me false impressions…


3 responses to “Final Approach #2”

  1. Dude,
    Tell me you didnt go with C man. I thought G was the one…
    So is this it? Have you made the decision? Is it final? When are you going to introduce C to me?
    And dont worry about me, I’m perfectly happy with N, although E has been quite tempting lately…
    If you know what i meant… 😉

  2. u playa, u.
    u heartbreaker.
    who woulda thunk u’d haf it in u to play wif sum poor girls’ hearts.
    u playa, u.

    a thinly veiled insinuation wen ure realli talking abt phones instead?
    u dun say.
    surely u’r joking.
    surely im not dat gullible.
    if only i dun kno (how much a nerd) u (r) so well.