23rd Oct 2006 – Raya Eve

This Raya looks to be one of the busiest so far. All of my siblings are going to be here (my house in Port Klang), including all eight of their hyperactive kids.

And so, Raya eve becomes the busiest days. Kak Eli making the Daging Satay, Ketupat was cooked (boiled?), Rendang being cooked, and so on and so forth. Not to mention the final touch of the cleaning of the house.

My brother and me kidnapped the kids, and the plan was to bring them to KLCC, while the others prepare for guests coming during the Takbir Raya.

However, after 2 of our nieces vomited (they were watching Tom & Jerry in the car), we changed plan to bring them to eat first at McDonald’s Section 3. And what a pleasant surprise wo got.

It seems that McD Sec. 3 have been entertaining the kids when their parents were breaking fast. And so when we went there with 6 hyperactive kids, they sent 2 of their staff and entertained the kids with games and gifts. I’m sure to bring them there again next year.